Thursday, December 13, 2018

Chamberlain & Chance 150 - Games of the Year 2018

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Chamberlain and Chance - Games of the year 2018

  • In all the years the three of us have been bloggin', I don't believe we have ever all agreed on Game of the Year. 
  • This year, we do.  
  • Seriously.  We do.  
  • But what game?  What game is the finest in digital entertainment?  
  • What is the single best game of 2018?
You'll have to tune in to find out!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Behold, the Gris launch trailer.

Available tomorrow on Switch and PC!


Also I was just playin' music on YouTube and this came up and that is an enjoyable video.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event is live!

Brig got a kitty mug victory pose, in exchange for her place in the meta.

Most importantly by a country mile, today's patch also includes what many suspect may be a debilitating nerf to Brigitte - her shield bash will now only do 5 damage upon impact with a target, and can no longer travel through barriers.  It'll still stun what it hits for a seemingly-endless full second, but she will no longer be able to stun an enemy Reinhardt through his shield to set up her own Rein's Earthshatter, and most sexily she can no longer delete a Tracer with the stunlock combo of shield bashing, swinging her flail once and hitting her boop.

This pleases us. 

Also included - nerfs to Doomfist and a fairly major buff for Bastion, whose clip in Recon mode is increasing from 25 to 35, and whose Sentry form will now become more accurate as he continues shooting instead of less

The final (interesting) skin of the event was revealed yesterday - Krampus Junkrat.  It's honestly pretty awesome.

I don't think it surpasses the Legendary skin Junkrat got last Christmas - Beachrat, the only "casual" skin the trashmouse has - but it did give me a modicum of hope that perhaps Tracer, too, would get a second Winter skin.  

And that, kids, is what I get for havin' hope.  A kick in the nnnnneuts.  Every time.  

Torbjorn got a pretty cute new emote where he opens a Christmas present and three adorable little turrets start waddling around, Ham Ham got a highlight intro and that's about it - though my girl did get a new victory pose.  It's okay. 

I might use it for the event, but I'll be going back to Sitting pretty quick, ah reckon.  Oh!  And I made some cool plays last night - here's a couple.  

And this McCree was pretty desperate for revenge after a few of our earlier encounters.  I straight dumpstered him in a midrange duel he really should've won, killing him with a headshot and getting away Scot free.  

Felt good, man.  

G'night you sweet sweet internet peeps!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Game Diary. Again.

Faaabulous games last night with my brother.  3 Tracer PotGs (none of them very good, tbh), and a bunch of Hard Carry games that made me feel like a fuckin' boss.  I also got some crazy Ana work done - bringing her out as a counter to a Mercy/Brig/Pharah/Hog lineup.  Ana's BioNade is a massive counter to Hog - denying him the benefit of his huff - and it's pretty hard to miss a sleep dart on a Hog when he hooks a teammate or goes for the huff or uses his ult.  It takes away a huge amount of Brig and Mercy's utility, and I can put pretty reliable damage into a Pharah no matter her range - worked out pretty good.

In other Overwatch news, new skin reveals for the Winter event continue apace, and they're pretty hit-or-miss.  We can all agree that Zarya's new skin is pretty damn good, but reaction to Arctic Fox Lucio has been pretty mixed. 

I think it's simultaneously too busy and pretty boring.  It looks like If Lucio Were A G.I. Joe - a bit of cheap Hasbro plastic.  Snake Heals or somethin' - like Alpine 76, it's just meh.  

Speaking of "too busy," Mercy's gettin' a skin called Sugar Plum Fairy.  She's got long elf ears!

So it's not blowin' me away, but it's nice and nice enough to want for one of my mains.  My Mercy'll probably be wearin' that on the 11th.  I was kinda' expecting like, your traditional Snow Angel or whatever, but... y'know, this is good too.  

Bastion, meanwhile, is a wrapped Christmas present. 

Bastion's is a very "meh" skin, if ever there were. but they went in an excellent direction with a new Legendary for Widowmaker - Biathalon.  

I'm pretty sure this is the least flesh Widowmaker has ever shown in any skin.  Maybe Huntress, but you get me - this isn't some slit-up-to-here slinky evening gown, it's not a bikini, it's not showin' off her tits.  Here, Widowmaker is not there for sex appeal - here, she's the assassin in the mountain ski chase at the beginning of a James Bond movie.  Or she's Bond herself - solid, comfortable, tactical.

Note the white shirt under the jacket, and the fact that the jacket is unzipped rather like her base skin.  There's a part of me that wonders if the first draft of this skin had the jacket unzipped as it is in the final product, without the white shirt beneath - offering Widow's traditional plunging decolletage - and the skin's designer swung in and was like "whoah, whoah, no - that's not what this is about at all.  Give her a fucking shirt, please."

But I'm still lookin' forward to what other reveals we'll get between now and the event on Tuesday.  Of course, I still hold out hope that Tracer might get a Winter Casual outfit on par with Hanzo's... 

...but given that Ashe, Brig, D.Va, Doom, Genji, Moira, Orisa, Rein, Sym, and Ham Ham don't have any Winter skins yet, I'm hardly holdin' my breath.  'Course, fuckin' Reaper, Sym, McCree, Soldier, Pharah and Zen all have two Halloween skins, so there is precedent for some heroes getting more than one event skin while others suffer with none at all. 

Fingers crossed.  Expectations low.

Edit: Whelp, there's a new one for Sym.

I like it!  S'pretty. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Game Diary

So yesterday I picked up my Switch, went to the Nintendo E-shop and established that Gris isn't out yet.  Then I did my placements in Overwatch.

The current competitive season began at the start of November, so I'm very late to this particular party.  General wisdom is that you should never do your placements the first few days of competitive, there's a sweet spot between halfway through week 1 and the end of week 2, and then your games and teammates' toxicity will just get worse and worse as the season goes on. 

It felt like nearly all the confidence I'd gained over the last two weeks went out the window. Maybe just comp stress. I didn't do terribly - in fact I'm currently sitting on an 80% winrate, but I didn't feel like I was really pulling my full weight for all those wins - my teams put in a ton of the heavy lifting.  I did work.  I did fine, but I wasn't carrying games by any stretch.  I'd explode in the occasional teamfight-winning, point-taking triple or quad, but it wasn't the dominant performance I'd been enjoying lately. 

Still - going 8 and 2 is nothin' to sneeze at. 

My stats are meh - apparently my deaths were lower than usual, but it sure didn't feel that way.  My elims are just-okay - but my accuracy has shot up from a 33% average to 40%.  Very nice.  Very promising. 

I fought against a lot of diamonds, last night.  Those guys are monsters, and their ability to juke shots far outstrips what I'm used to.  The final match of my placements was on Oasis.  I came out of spawn to see Junkrat nades flying towards our team - perhaps a cause for concern, as a Junkrat Main is a very different proposition than a Counterpick Junkrat brought out in response to my Tracer - but he proved no great threat, and my team and I kept Gardens locked down beautifully.

On round 2 - the Library - they came out with a Pharah.  Pharah's generally an excellent pick on any Oasis map, and she often does mad work on Library - and as the only hitscan hero on my team, it was obviously my task to deal with her.  I'm not shy around Pharahs as a general rule, but the amount of distance they can gain on Oasis can make it a pretty lopsided engagement in their favor.  Pharah can dump out over 120 damage per second from any range, and my Pulse Pistols drop to half-damage at 11 meters, less than that at 20+, and a big fat nothin' at 30 meters.  My advantage is that my weapons are histcan, dealing instantaneous damage, and hers is a slow projectile that, yes, deals full damage at max range, but has a travel time and can be juked. 

The first duel against her is one of my favorite Pharah duels of all time.  In the second she'd obviously learned some important lessons from the first, but I feel I did a pretty awesome job of grabbing those health packs without lookin'.  I like to think they shrieked an expletive when they floated towards that pack only to see me reappear and grab it. 

The third duel isn't a duel, really.  She's just ignoring me and letting me whittle her down - it's more funny than anything.  And a little sad.  Note the Mei icicle that whips by my head and almost one-shots me as I stare up at the Pharah, oblivious to all else.

Tracer's +5 to luck serves me very well.

Also did you watch that trailer for Far Cry: New Dawn?  Maaaan that shit did nothin' for me.  It's kind of incredible how they could make a post-apocalypse seem so fucking samey

Friday, December 7, 2018

Chamberlain & Chance 149 - 2018 Hype List Recap

Wiiith Alex!  Alex thisChamberlain that podcast on iTunespodcast on Google Play!

Chamberlain and Chance - Hype list 2018 recap

  • Alex has finally played Insomniac's Spider-Man and yet remains deeply submerged in No Man's Sky!
  • Chamberlain cannot believe how big Assassin's Creed Odyssey is!
  • Chance is... still into Overwatch... 
  • And what has two thumbs and totally called the best games of 2018?

You'll have to tune in to find out!

Here's what you need to know from the VGAs last night.

First of all, Supergiant Games - the developer of Bastion, Transistor and Pyre - have returned to their action-RPG roots with Hades, a roguelike action-RPG with an art style that reflects the very best of the studio.  It's in early-access for PC now on Epic's storefront, and them's some cool beans.

Second, Obsidian Entertainment - the legendary western RPG studio responsible for Knights of the Old Republic II, the original Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas, which was purchased this year by Microsoft - has one more multiplatform game up their sleeve before going fully-exclusive, it would seem, and it looks absolutely fucking awesome.

The Outer Worlds is Fallout: New Vegas: In Space: With Better Presentation, as far as I can tell, and I am in!

And I gotta' admit, the announcement trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 is pretty entertaining in a let's-see-some-folks-get-mutilated kinda' way.  One of the things I love about the current gen is how this may very well be representative of gameplay:

And there was another indie I quite liked the look of - The Pathless. 

And that's all you need to know! Happy to be of service, as always. 

What, me?  I didn't watch The Game Awards, man.  That's not what this crew is all about.  This crew is about rockin' socks in Mystery Heroes games

This was Zen on round 1, I died early in round 2 and came back as a monstrous D.Va.  This crew is additionally about scorin' sweet, sweet Plays of the Game,

and takin' good care of my teams.  That's what this crew is all about. Tonight's gonna' be awesome. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Overwatch Match Highlights 22 - Cry To Me

My plan last night was to work on videos of non-Tracer characters - I opened up the last project I was working on and tossed everything that I'd used in Homicide, but there were a few really nice streaks that I didn't want to lose - including these two back-to-back matches on Junkertown where I was able to put some mad work in, and decided it must be immortalized. 

On the Penny Arcade forums the other day, a colleague was talking about preferring to play tanks and being a cog in a machine, unable to subscribe to "the carry mentality."  Ladies and gentlemen - this is The Carry Mentality:

Also, the Winter event starts up next Tuesday, December 11th, and will run until January 2nd.  The first new legendary skin has been revealed - Snowboarder Zarya.  Which is either Zarya's best skin or in the top 3.

Annnd there's already fan art.


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Overwatch Clip Show 67 - Homicide

Been a while since the last Clip Show!  This one almost-exclusively consists of clips from the last week and a half - that is to say, footage captured while playing with the PSVR.  There are a few exceptions - two or three clips, I think, from back before Spider-Man and Red Dead 2 happened - and while I'm confident that this represents some of the best Overwatch plays I've ever made, I'm also confident it doesn't represent the improvement very well.  There are a few PotGs in here that do - the first one after sitting with the Widow on Junkertown, the Oasis PotG that ends with the Doomfist Pulse - but I think the improvement would be best-represented by a very different vid that focuses on long cuts of me just working my way through the enemy team.

For a long time I'd anticipated my next Clip Show would either be a redux of a song I'd used earlier - Believer, Lone Digger and even Comics were all contenders - or Down In Mexico by The Coasters.  But then That Little Shit trolled me last week and put me in a very angry state of mind and the next day I listened to some very angry music at work.  I listened to a lot of Royal Blood, Nine Inch Nails and Snake River Conspiracy.

I really like Snake River Conspiracy - I loved them in my early 20s - so I decided to Google what the lead singer got up to afterwards, and ended up buying both of her albums but only kind-of-liking two of the songs.  So I returned to Snake River's original stuff and, more specifically, one of the songs they had on an LP to get them their (first and only) record deal - Homicide.  This song is so old and obscure, you can't buy it from any digital storefront - only physically from Discogs, far as I can tell.

Homicide is a very... energetic, screamy song.  Very angry - it suited my mood well - and once things got rolling on the video, I couldn't abandon it.  I showed this to my brother when it was about two-thirds finished, and he gave me zero feedback other than "I liked Lone Digger."  The next day, with prodding, he clarified that I should just make a new Clip Show to Lone Digger and not use this "shitty song."

So I tried plugging Lone Digger in to this clip or that clip, just to see how the rhythm lines up - and it doesn't.  I tried it left and right, but I couldn't get it workin' for me for more than a single elimination, and Lone Digger really needs multiple elims to miraculously line up with the song in a single cut to be... magical, to me.

I understand that this song isn't for everyone.  More than that, I appreciate that in addition to being accurately described as "kind of hard to listen to," it also contains lyrics that I would honestly define as "legitimately offensive."  And I love positive feedback on these videos.  Of course I do. I want people to enjoy them - I live for a few hearts on the Penny Arcade forums, or a thumbs up on YouTube, and it is likely unwise of me to have ignored my brother's warning.

But it's also my video.  My play.  My creation.  My work.  And I'm pretty darn happy with how it turned out.  So let's begin.

I would recommend - having absorbed all these warnings - that you put on some headphones or shove in some earbuds, and turn the volume up as loud as you can bear it.

Here we go.

If you want to skip my masterful wooing of the enemy Widowmaker, jump ahead to like 0:45, and the action will begin shortly.  That was just epic, to me.  To go from one of the cool moments of social cease-fire that are so rare, so fragile, so fleeting - like a deer drinking from a stream before you startle it - and go "okay, let's get back to it!" and bam right into Play of the Game.

That's fucking awesome, to me.

The Widowmaker duel(s) from 1:25 - 1:50 - both of us flailing around like idiots when we get too close-range - is both the least-impressive part of the whole vid in terms of mechanical ability and one of the most profoundly satisfying duels I've ever had.  Kill a guy, Mercy rezzes them, kill Mercy, kill the guy again - that felt bad ass.  Also worth noting - this Widow was actually an absolute monster and this represents one of only two times I actually got the best of them during this match.

The teamfight that begins at 2:06, after the chorus (love that chorus), is one of the better examples of my improved effectiveness in Overwatch lately.  I'm just landin' my clips perfectly.

One clip and melee into the Hanzo.  Done.  Pulse Bomb on Zero Suit D.Va.  Done.  One clip into Mercy.  Done.  One clean clip into Sombra as she backs around a corner and I approach.  Perfect.

At 2:35, again - a solo push on Junkertown and no one's stoppin' me.  I knew the Pharah was coming for the health pack so I just chilled and let her get close enough.  Then it's a two-clip into Torb (armor), a two-clip into the Moira as she heals herself with the orb and gets healed by her Ana - she did not expect to die - and a perfect stick on the Ana.   Lurvely.

At 2:52 - I just wanna' say I spent the previous thirty seconds in the stairwell to the small health pack room, fighting this McCree as his Mercy pocketed him, building up my ult and repeatedly telling my team that "McCree's going for high ground - I guarantee he's got his ult!"

So a Pulse bomb that kills him and his Mercy and shuts down his ult was... literally the most perfect conclusion I can imagine.

At 3:07 - again, just some real solid marksmanship, here.  One clip finishes off Soldier and softens Hanzo, a second clip kills Hanzo, a third clip kills Orisa, and the Pulse Bomb for the win.  Though honestly, my favorite part is the enemy Sombra standing there in stunned stillness after I wrecked two thirds of her teeeeam yeeeeeah!

3:20 - this was a lovely moment.  Come out of spawn after their Reaper had wrecked most of my team, three of them are pushin' cart - what's a 150HP Tracer to do?  Clear that fucking cart, that's what.

3:33 - shot you right out of the air, Junkrat!

3:43 - this Orisa takedown is actually one of my favorite clips of the entire video.  Sneak up, put the pistols to her head - brrrrinnng! - blink out, reload, blink back in as she desperately fires up her Fortify - brrrrinnng!  Three seconds and a dead Orisa - just perfect.

3:59 - the Winston/Mercy duel here was a wonderful one, for me.  An Anchor Tank with a Primary Healer attached, and not only do I take the duel but I wreck their shit hard.

Oh and after the title card?  Heheh.  Missed your hook.  Whatcha' got now?  Mmhm.

And now... I'm gonna' go put together a vid... either with Cry To Me by Solomon Burke orrrr Summertime by Sam Cooke...

Hmmm.  This'll be fun.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Sundered lands on Switch & Xbox One Dec 21st!

Just announced this morning!  The Sundered: Eldritch Edition will contain all the good balance adjustments and gameplay tweaks the game's enjoyed since its launch, and also co-op! 

Sundered, you should know, is a sumptuously-animated Metroidvania with Roguelite elements - kinda' like if you crossed a 2D Metroidvania with a Souls game, but there are no checkpoints and every death sends to back to the start of the entire game world - if whole thing was animated by Don Bluth. 

I absolutely bloody love this game, and at twenty bucks for this re-release, I'm definitely double-dipping for the Switch version.