Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oh sweet Yomawari is getting a physical release in NA!

Important bits:

  • Physical release!
  • Launches October 25th
  • It comes with htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary on the Vita cart!  
  • It'll have a special edition with a soundtrack and two art books!
Fuckyeah!  Thank you. NIS America!

Whelp, now I'm not buying the Dead Island Definitive Edition.

And I was this close, man.  This close.  I just found out last week that the Definitive Edition is, in fact, being handled by (beloved developer) Techland, and not (hateful publisher) Deep Silver.  That swayed me!  Well, that and my love for Dead Island and its sequel, Riptide.

But today news dropped that, on PS4, the disc only has the original Dead Island on it.  Dead Island Riptide is only included as a download code.

Why? Well, publisher Deep Silver says it's because
"PS4 discs don't support multiple games, so there Riptide comes as a download code."
Isn't that crazy?  You can't have multiple games on a single PS4 disc!

 I had no idea it was such an impossibility - and neither did Naughty Dog, I guess!

And why didn't someone tell 2K before they released The Handsome Collection?  Someone shoulda' warned them!

And why didn't anyone let Deep Silver know?  Deep Silver, publisher of Metro Redux, with two games on one PS4 disc, and...

...waaaait a minute.  Wait a minute that makes no fucking sense at all.  Deep Silver, publisher of Metro Redux and the Dead Island Definitive Edition, explain this shit to me please.
"We could've worded that better."
You're goddamned right you could've.  Explain, please.
 "You need a separate menu, you can't just put two games on disc the same way as on XB1."
Yeah.  Okay, that's not uncommon to have to open up a collection as if it were one game, and then select the game you want to launch from a simple menu.

So, Deep Silver, hateful publisher, you're telling me that Dead Island Definitive Edition is not a definitive on-the-disc collection of the Dead Island games on PS4 because you couldn't be fucked to make a menu?

Okay.  Fair enough.  Hate you more.

Byebye now.

IGN went hands on with The Last Guardian.

The important bit: still coming in 2016.  They've got new footage and new screens, but if you wanna' keep the surprises to a minimum, I would suggest not hitting this link (New Gameplay Details, Coming in 2016) or this link (The Last Guardian - The Shocking Truth About Trico).

Damnit, I'm buying another figure.

I still haven't set up my second Detolf yet!  I haven't even filled up the first one!  I haven't taken Nendo Venom Snake and Nendo Raiden and Nendo Vader out of their boxes!  And yet...

Why?  What could prompt me to order another figure that won't come out for another six months after pretty much abandoning the hobby?  Well... Momohime.

Now, readers will know, I already have Momohime.  Momohime, the Samurai princess from Vanillaware's Muramasa: The Demon Blade, was the first Japanese figure I ever bought, wayyy back in the ancient times.  2013.

This is Alter's Momohime, which was released wayyy back in 2010.

Note the near-flatness of the eye colors, the simplicity of the hilt of her sword, the generally-matte coloring.  All that being said, I love this figure.  This is my favorite figure, and I have one or two figures.

This is 2017's Alter Momohime 'Oironaoshi.'

Note the slight bump in detail on her hairpiece, the softer shading on the eyes (more evocative of Vanillaware artist George Kamitani's style), the golden sword guard and the slight sheen - they're calling it a "pearl coating" - to her kimono.

Oironaoshi means "changing clothes," basically, and it's not uncommon for figures to get recolored variants - but the recolors are often huge changes from the original.  For example, there's the original Samurai from 7th Dragon 2020 and the recolor variant.  Totally different.

Not Momohime.  Almost all the colors (except that of the sword's hilt and handle) are essentially identical, but in the recolor, everything is simultaneously softer and sharper.

She just looks more like the original art.  Now I know, you may be thinkin'. "Chance you already fucking have the Momohime figure.  You don't need another Momohime figure."

And you're right.  But I also don't need a PS4 or a Vita, yet here we are.  This is happening.  Not least because last year my Momo fell and this tiny speck of paint chipped off the hair on her ponytail - you'd never notice it if I didn't point it out to you, and even I have trouble finding it sometimes - but it threw Momo's fragile mortality into stark relief.

I mean, she's my favorite figure.  As a responsible person, I gotta' have a backup.


You can order the oironaoshi variant of Alter's Momohime right now on AmiAmi, or wherever fine figures are sold - but I'm familiar with AmiAmi, so I'm stickin' with them.  You order now, and pay when the thing ships - this December.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oh MY the console war got hot today.

Six teraflops!

If you're on the internet at all, you're probably aware of this already, but here's the short version:

Mutiple sources between Kotaku and Polygon say Microsoft is gonna' launch an Xbox One Slim this year and an Xbox One-Two (their words, not mine), codenamed Scorpio, will launch late in 2017.  Neither of these are shocking, but here's where it gets a little convoluted and a lot crazy.

  • It'll have a 2TB hard drive (nice!)
  • Microsoft is actively courting Oculus to join forces with Xbox, because...
  • The One-Two will be "technically capable of supporting the Oculus Rift."
  • All your Xbox One stuff will run on it. 
  • They weren't gonna' announce it this year, but because they think Sony's gonna' announce the Neo at E3, they've decided to announce the Slim and the One-Two at their conference in June.
  • The Xbox One-Two will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One. 
  • In other words, it'll push 6 teraflops, making it about 50% more powerful than Sony's rumored Neo. 
...and it doesn't sound like (Xbox head) Phil Spencer has much of a problem with today's rumor-explosion: 

Word is devs were briefed at a secret shindig last week.  And so, the stage is set. Microsoft is sick of multiplatform stuff playing better on the PS4, and they aim to fix it (if this is true.)   Also, if the Neo launches late this year or spring 2017, and it's underpowered, that counter-intuitively puts Sony in a much better place than Microsoft.  The Neo would have a year or nine-month head start - always a huge consideration - but more importantly, if it is weaker, that means it'll be wayyy cheaper.  And that's how you win a console war.

Either way, things are about to get hot.

Want a physical copy of Attack on Titan on Vita?

You could import the Asia version.


Mighty No. 9 Masterclass trailer.

Huh.  I wonder how bad this trailer woulda' been without the voice "work."

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ooooh the Mirror's Edge launch trailer!


Way to hype me.  As if I needed hyping.

A demo for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is up on PSN!

In English!

PS4 only, but trust me when I say it runs and looks awesome on Vita.  Odin Sphere remade and refined with awesome combat and HD sprites for the new gen wooo!

Ahhh you gotta' love the E3 building-posters.

This appeared in L.A. today.  E3 is comin', baby!