Monday, July 28, 2014

Send me the tracking number you monsters! had originally told me they'd ship me my Elf in May.  Then in June.  Then they said they'd cancel my order if I hadn't received it by some point in August and I was like "eff that, this Japanese guy says he'll ship it in 1-2 days."

Turns out the reason hadn't shipped it was because it hadn't been released (not that Amazon's beautiful form letter explained that), and in early July Megahouse finally locked down the release date for the item - July 18th.  Either way, my order had been moved, and on July 18th, the day the figure released, some good people with a far better grasp of English than I grasp Japanese shipped my Megahouse Dragon's Crown Elf Excellent Model PVC Figure.

"[Expedited shipping],we announce you tracking number," their seller information assured.  I had paid for expedited shipping.  Great!  Make with the tracking number.

A week passed, and no tracking number arrived.  Perhaps I should have begun buzzing their bonnet sooner, but I decided to give it ten business days.  No idea why - but I've been obsessively checking my Amazon-associated email account, multiple times a day, on the off chance I might discover an email with Elf-chan's tracking number in it.

Today makes it 11 days since my Elf shipped.

I mean, who are these people I gave two hundred of my dollars to, anyway?  I don't know them.  Couldn't look them in the eye and gauge their trustworthiness.  Obviously, these people had put on a compelling grift consisting of a few dozen positive Amazon reviews over the past year, cobbled together via dummy accounts, all for the point and purpose of making off with my cash money.

And today was a fuck of a day, man.  Just one of those days where you're busting your ass at work all day and still underwater by the end of it.

And then we had to go run errands and I'm just like uuugh this day needs to end and we got home and I opened the door and you can see where I'm going with this.

When I saw the box - the huge box - my heart jumped a bit, and I stepped forward to examine the addressee.  It was for me.  I shrieked.  I cried "wooo!" and immediately carried the brown Amazon box into the kitchen to unwrap.  Inside, the Elf's box was covered in Japanese newsprint and rice paper.

The Elf's box is pretty gorgeous too.

*I did not take this picture, someone with a better camera and lighting did. 

She does, I'm kind of amazed to admit, beat out the spectacular Momohime, even with that ugly-ass foot cone.  It's just an incredible sculpt with a gorgeous paint job and a ridiculously dynamic pose.

I'm not in any way, shape or form a serious collector of Japanese PVC Figures, but I am a serious collector of Vanillaware products, and between Momo and Gwendolyn, my figure collection now spans three console platforms and two generations of gaming.    My beautiful Elf's base is... colossal - and begging to be dressed up with some modeling gear a'la the clever folks over at 2chan:

*I did not take this picture, someone with a better camera and lighting did. now I kinda' wanna' hit up a model shop and see if I can find some good fake moss, or something.  Or better yet, real moss.  That's likely easier to find...

And lo, my Dragon's Crown collection of expensive plastic figures has begun.

*I did not take this picture, someone with a better camera and lighting did. 

*I did not take this picture, someone with a better camera and lighting did. 

Zero regrets, of course.  The Elf is a stunning reproduction of Kamitani's concept art, and an awesome hero in what I must admit is either one of my favorite games of all time, or My Favorite Game of All Time.

And that's a bold statement, given my experience.

*I did not take this picture, someone with a better camera and lighting did. 

Now the only problem is I'm running out of space to prominently display my Vanillaware heroes.  It may be time to invest in some variety of glass shelving...

Y'know what?  Let's end things off on the rotating .gif.  That's an awesome .gif.



Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hmmm Platinum's Legend of Korra game doesn't look half bad in action.

But here's the problem - I won't be hurting for games to play this Fall.  If this thing had dropped, say, July 10th, I'd be all over it.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Akiba's Trip second trailer : I don't care, I'm still getting it.

Still getting it.  Gimmie dem clothes!

I'm kinda' surprised they went with voice overs and not subtitles for such a game so deeply infused with Japanese culture. 

They're adding The Banderas animation to The Last of Us multiplayer.

Revealed by the game's multiplayer designer with some other new additions, and broken down over at DualShockers, this is a very good choice.

...I really should try that multiplayer one day...

Oh!  Also, it sounds like TLoU Remastered is getting an inFamous-esque photo mode.

Alien: Isolation - the cast of Alien.

Getting the original actors onboard for Isolation's DLC is a coup, there's no doubt about that, but (1) Veronica Cartwright, who plays Lambert, sounds completely different and (2) I'm a bit bothered that the preorder DLC's been getting a heckuva lot more attention than the game itself.

Oh well.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gamer Pride.

So my launch OLED Vita, having been viciously attacked by gravity and suffering a fatal edge-impact which damaged its screen, died.  The screen, bloodied and choking for life, lived on for a few precious hours, growing ever-dimmer as it slipped away - but held on long enough for me to disassociate my PSN account from it that evening.  The next morning, it was gone.

I love the OLED screen, for the record, and thanks to the gift (and curse) of foresight, secured a backup OLED Vita before the new Vita Slims (with their LCD screens) launched, in case such a catastrophe occurred.

Once I had transferred all my gaming goodness onto Vita Number Two, it occurred to me - I was now in the same position as I'd been before the Slims launched.  What if something should happen to my new OLED Vita?

I'd be obliged to get a Slim - with its less-vibrant, less-awesome screen - and the thought horrified me anew.

But where to get one?

Sony reps actively removed the original OLED Vitas from Best Buy shelves - they were nowhere to be found in Wal-Mart or GameStop, and the new Slims are just as rare.
"The recently slimmed handheld has been difficult to find in retail stores and in online outlets like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. For example, the limited edition Borderlands 2 PS Vita bundle, which was released in May, is unavailable online at each of those outlets (though it is available through Amazon resellers)."
-Polygon, July 2nd, 2014-
I considered calling my local mom-and-pop game shops, but as far as I knew the OLED I'd purchased from them back in April was the last they had.  Fortunately, a fellow forumer had recently needed to replace their Vita, and found solace in the refurbished OLEDs Sony is selling through Amazon.

Done.  Sold.  Yes I'll pay extra for two-day shipping.  No, I don't know why.

So now there are three.

No shame.

The first thing I do with a new Vita - the moment it glides free of its plastic - is to touch nothing on it, and apply a screen protector.

I went back in to the mom-and-pop shop today, because they are literally the only store in my city that had more than a single Vita screen protector for sale, and in my experience you always screw up the first application.  I was more than a bit hesitant at the KMO Protective Shield for PS Vitas they had - never heard of KMO, never used one of their products - but damned if they're not easily the easiest-to-apply screen protectors I've ever come across.  They fit across the entire face of the Vita, not just the screen, created zero air bubbles on the screen itself, and because it covers so much the protector will never slip down over years of use.

So, having tested its screen and found it flawless, the recertified Vita's now ensconced within the protective embrace of my games safe, the fresh Vita sees daily use and the dead one... hmmm....

...I wonder how much Sony would charge to repair it..?