Saturday, July 23, 2016

Clip Show 12: PharMercy!

Another awful night on Overwatch last night, going 5 wins, 10 losses for the day - super disappointing - but what wins there were tended to be amazing, decisive wins.  Most notably, a Gibraltar match that must have been utterly demoralizing for the opposing team.  They never moved the payload an inch on their attack, and we poured out of the left flank as a unit, totally overwhelming them in seconds when our turn came.  The payload moved about a foot - bam, we win.  It was beyootiful.  

But let's start with one of those awful matches later in the day.  Lately, when I get into a group of 5 or 6..?  We just get our asses kicked.  I can't explain it.  Often there will be one or two exceptionally excellent players on the opposing team - there was a Nepal match where the Pharah on the enemy team was just incrediballs and none of ours could stop her.  In desperation, I pulled out Widowmaker to try to pop her out of the sky, but no - I could never get a line on her, got nothing done, we got owned hard.

We begin with an awful match in which I won PotG for a few defensive assists and a 4-res.

0:00 - 0:17 : We took the point, but it was after a long, hard fight.  They took our point B in like twenty seconds.  It was humiliating.

0:20 - 1:02 : Honestly, I wanted to upload this entire match, it was gorgeous.  I'm flingin' myself all over the place, healin' here, healin' there, stupidly chasing their Mercy around the flank building because I'm high on the thrilling success of it all, keepin' everyone on their feet (I actually think I rezzed 100% of our team's deaths on defense!)

But oh no!  One of our team's gone down!

1:02 - 1:19 : Oh no!  Reaper and Mei and Junkrat!  Who will save you?!

(I will.)

And now for some Pharah action.

1:19 - 1:38 : I had locked Mercy in on this Dorado attack, but a teammate went Ana.

There are two types of Ana players on PS4 right now, in my experience.  Enemy teams tend to have amazing Anas who keep their team at full health at all times, and instantly kill you when your health dips to 75.

My team's Anas are useless, healing no one, ever, and only ever using their ult when their targeted teammate is at 2% health, so as to render it useless.  I hate Anas.  They are the new Mei.

So this teammate went Ana and I tried to stick with Mercy, but we just didn't have the damage to punch through their defense.  So I went Pharah and we turned it around.  Take that, Zenyatta.

1:38 - 1:52 : Just a pre-match skirmish, but a pre-match skirmish in which I shoot an enemy Pharah out of the air while airborn myself as Pharahhh!  Booyahhh!

1:52 - 2:11 : Another loss today, but rare are the times I'm able to unload Pharah's ult and score more than a double kill.  I'll take it.

2:11 - 2:35 : See?  You can totally burn her ult and feel like it was useless.  'Cause it was pretty useless.

And that's our show!  Tune in text week, when I still don't stop playing Overwatch because I have a problem.

No Man's Sky - Trade trailer.

It's coming so soooon..!

South Park: The Fractured But Whole behind-the-scenes.

So much awesome this fall!

Sonic Mania looks awesome, not announced for Vita.

A pixel-art retro-style Sonic made by retro-indie talent, coming to PS4, One and PC in 2017.  Siiigh.  You would be awesome on my Vita.

For some reason this news gives me a new rush of hype for the Mercenary Kings Vita port.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Ana Patch is live on PS4 and One!

I haven't been able to play a single video game all bloody week, but today The Ana Patch dropped on PS4 just after I left the office (it appeared on Xbox One a few hours later), so I obviously had to give it a go because this means something huge has happened.

To be specific, according to the patch notes...

  • Guardian Angel instantly resets upon use
But it doesn't.  It doesn't reset upon use.  

It only resets instantly after you use her ult mynehhhh...

But anyway, I was able get one game in today!  A comp game on King's Row!  And we won!  Handily!

And I kicked the shit out of an Ana and (the recently-buffed!) McCree!  Wewt!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gravity Rush 2 drops December 2nd! (!!!)

Please enjoy this actually pretty bad trailer!

Now please enjoy these screenshots, showcasing an alternate white outfit you can get for Kat if you preorder the game (you'll also get a 9-song soundtrack).

The new screens also introduce a brand-new pugilist hero named Angel, who... looks really cold.  But her hair is fabulous.

But whatever - the game still looks increidble and it's a day-one.

Type:Rider and Moon Hunters are now out on PlayStation.

Type:Rider is on Vita!

Moon Hunters is only on PS4.

Get on my Vita, Moon Hunters!  I wonder if they've given an update on the state of the Vita version on the Kickstarter page... why, in fact, they have:

A final decision?!  There's no decision!  You announced it for Vita!  Release it for Vita!  Thanks for lettin' me know that I'm the best - that's kind of you to say! - but I'd be better with a Vita version of Moon Hunters.

The System Shock remaster is coming to PS4.

And yes, the Kickstarter was already successful.  They asked for nine hundred thousand, they're currently over a million, and they've got a week to go!

They're hopin' it'll drop in 2018.


Pre-alpha trailer!

Rise of the Tomb Raider : 20 Year Celebration launches on PS4 October 11th.


October 11th!  Damn there's so much goodness this fall.  What does Rise on PS4 come with..?  Quite a bit!  Chamberlain was very right when he said I'd end up with a very definitive edition when it dropped on PS4.

  • a new story chapter called "Blood Ties," where you explore Croft Manor.
  • "Lara's Nightmare," where you defend Croft Manor against a zombie invasion.
  • PSVR support for "Blood Ties" (explore the mansion in first person).
  • co-op Endurance mode.
  • a collection of five classic lara models for use in-game (yes, including a skin that looks like the PS1 version of Lara).
  • "a brutal new Extreme Survivor setting."
  • all previously-released DLC, including
  • Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch
  • Endurance Mode
  • Cold Darkness Awakened (horde mode)
  • 12 outfits
  • 7 weapons
  • "over 35 expedition cards,"
  • all previously-released pre-order outfits, weapons and expedition cards
  • a new cold-weather outfit 

Very cool.  I'm totally down for this. 

The first 18 minutes of Persona 5.

Not watching!  Spoilers!  Spoilers!