Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MUSING - only two hundred and fifty dollars!

But I hope you don't pay that much for it.

What the hell is Sony thinking, launching the PSP Go at $250 bucks, when you could go buy a Wii for the same price, or an Xbox 360 for less? They might be thinking, "we're the most expensive, and therefor the best," but I'm sure they're thinking "people will totally pay that much."

Peter Dille, SCEA's head of marketing has said, "it's targeting an early adopter, a tech enthusiast." Translation: "certain people will totally pay that much."

The reason some fellow is willing to pay that much isn't particularly flattering: this is the guy who measures the contents of his pants only by the technology it houses. This is a consumer who could easily afford a half-dozen 8GB memory sticks for his PSP 2000, but instead will purchase the Go simply because it is the newest, shiniest little peice of tech on the market. I hate that guy.

But I'm being a bit harsh. All early reports are that the Go is, in fact, a very slick nugget of hardware. It feels good in the hand, it's so compact, and aside from the lack of a UMD drive it is, in fact, more capable - more suited to its purpose - than the PSP 3000. Instead of having to carry around UMDs (which are relatively bulky, compared to the tiny DS carts), your entire library is virtual. And while a part of me loathes the idea of not owning a physical copy of the games I purchase - my inner conspiracy theorist is certain that Sony will burn down the PSN store and destroy my virtual holdings - it makes absolute perfect sense for a handheld system.

Slip the system into your jacket pocket, and you're good to go. Your little brother may be fiddling with his DS cartridges (well, not my little brother), but you're carrying your entire library with you.

And when that library includes the a free digital copy of a game you already own on UMD, nifty titles like a new Metal Gear Solid or those PS1 classics with their beautifully low price tags? Well, the PSP Go starts looking better and better. It's just more suited to be what it's always tried to become: an excellent handheld system.

I'm not saying the PSP Go will explode onto the market and the 100,000,000 DSes out there will cease to matter - just that, for the first time, I'm actually interested in purchasing a handheld system. But I will certainly wait until I'm no longer considered an early adopter.

Hate those guys.


  1. Why would they make this when they could have just made a new platform?! It is so pointless. Almost nobody has a good reason to shell out some dough on a PSP, so how could this possibly help?

  2. As bad an idea as a PSP sans the UMD drive may seem at first, an entirely new platform (with the much-desired second analog stick) would be much, much worse.

    The PSP market is already half the size of the DS's, and a new platform with new games that the PSP 1-3000 couldn't play would further split their smaller market share.

  3. Well, they did not necessarily need to release it right now. It could have been something they are currently working instead of spending time and money on this.