Monday, June 29, 2009

Leigh Alexander is awesome.

I wasn't sure if my reaction to Project Natal was a genuine distaste for motion-only controls, or merely the result of not owning a 360. The E3 press conference demos for both Sony and Microsoft's techs didn't precisely blow my socks off, but at least I could perceive of experiences with Sony's Wii-Too Remotes that I could enjoy. The archery thing looked cool - the swordplay thing looked cool, and the inclusion of buttons assured me it would not be a wholly alien experience.

Natal, on the other hand, held nothing interesting for me, and is nothing but motion. It would perhaps be impressive if the most remarkable part of its presentation wasn't headlined by Peter Molyneux. I'm sorry, Milo, you're a neat idea - but have no doubts there was a technician running you the entire time. And of course, it's coming out of Peter Molyneux - so I'll have to take it with a lethal dose of salt.

Anyway, on to my point. Leigh Alexander writes a monthly article for Kotaku - I am grateful for this, because it's one of those sites I check at least every day, and her monthly appearance always serves as an alarm clock which reminds me that her blog exists. Be warned: this isn't the more simplistic, this-game-is-good, this-game-is-bad stuff that some people write. Leigh's Sexy Videogameland blog is among the smartest video game related writing you will ever find - I wholeheartedly reccomend giving it a peek.

This month's Kotaku article continues Leigh's habit of perfectly articulating my exact position on a subject before I, myself, have even a rough approximation of it. Today, she tackles the defense of the classic controller, and as is her style, she exercises considerably more intelligence in the discussion than you'll find almost anywhere else.

My take on the issue is, like the rest of me, a little more simplistic: Die, motion control.

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