Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MOVIE - Let The Right One In.

It's very romantic. Seriously.

I'll keep this quick. While I'm not exactly steeped in romance, Let The Right One In is - to me - probably the most touching cinema love story since Leaving Las Vegas. It does things few other coming-of-age tales would attempt because it lives confidently in the horror genre, and so can extrapolate young passions to grisly (and moving) extremes. But - as I'm sure you know - the best horror movies aren't there to splatter the screen with gore or dare you to keep watching as they show you something unwatchable. The best horror movies are simply good movies which happen to tell stories that fall into said genre.

Let The Right One In only falls into the horror category because drama doesn't keep company with monsters. It isn't particularly scary or bloody, and it's never unwatchable.

It's... uplifting and chilling. Focused and personal. Smart. Elegant. Beautiful.

See it.