Saturday, July 18, 2009

MOVIE - Forbidden Siren.

I swear, I don't limit my movie intake to foreign horror flicks - but I doubt anyone who reads this blog is interested to hear that although The Tale of Desperaux looked very promising, Disney's Bolt is actually a much more enjoyable show.

Anyway - Forbidden Siren is a move based on a game. It isn't an adaptation of Siren, but Siren 2 (which was only localized for PAL countries), and just so we're clear it has practically nothing in common with Siren: Blood Curse.

And, for the most part? It's a... decent show. It's okay. No, scratch that - it's not very good. It's just not a horribly wasted ninety minutes either. It certainly had me turning on the lights at around the halfway mark, and its relatively low budget is helped by decent camera work and a strong performance by Yui Ichikawa.

A little digging reveals her to be your classic Japanese Idol - she's a commodity, and she does a bit of everything. Mostly movies, but she also has an album out, a bunch of singles and pictures of her in not-quite-clothing are disturbingly easy to stumble across - which makes it all the more impressive that she pretty much carries the movie on her own.

The first half is, to be honest, pretty darn good. It definitely had me on edge - but the problem is, aside from one crazy-awesome scene where she's trapped in a house with a rampaging dead man, once the movie kicks into high gear and starts trying to be really scary it ends up looking like something your friends shot for film class.

To make matters worse, they try to pull a Sixth Sense toward the end which falls completely flat, abandoning the plot of the source material in pursuit of a twist that has almost no payoff and directly conflicts with earlier events. Bleugh.

If you are (like me), a ravenous Siren fan it's surely worth a viewing. If not? It's not.

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