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Here is where we keep the features.

This is your handy-dandy resource for all the featured articles on The Games of Chance. We've got previews, we've got discussion of hardware, and we've got oversized articles on a whole variety of things that - let's face it - matter very little. But that doesn't mean I can't expound for an interminable length of time on any given subject of geekdom.

Here, they are listed in reverse chronological order - newest first. All movie reviews/articles/features (prior to 2012) can be found at the bottom of this page.


The Best of 2014 Homepage.

The Games of November 2014.

The Games of October 2014.

The Games of September 2014.

Happy Anniversary, Dragon's Crown (Dragon's Crown turns one year old!)

The Games of August 2014.

The Hype List (upcoming awesome in 2014)

The Games of July 2014.

The E3 recap.  It was awesome.

Game Diary - The Destiny Alpha.

E3 2014 Press Conference Day Recap.

The Microsoft E3 Presser - the breakdown!

Pre-E3 Week Recap! June 4-6.

The E3 2014 Homepage (everything that happened at E3 2014, all in one convenient location.)

The Games of June 2014.

The Games of May 2014.

The Games of April 2014.

The Games of March 2014.

The Games of February 2014.


Best of 2013 : Game of the Year.

The Best of 2013 : presentation on PS3 & PS4.

The Best of 2013 : presentation on Vita.

Best of 2013 - performance.

The Best of 2013 : art direction.

The Best of 2013 : gameplay.

The Best of 2013 : soundtrack.

The Best of 2013 : PSN Game.

The Best of 2013 : Biggest Surprise!

The Best of 2013 Homepage

The PS3 Retrospective Part III : 2009

The PS3 Retrospective Part II : 2008

The PS3 Retrospective Part I : 2006-2007

The Games of November 2013.

Chamberlain & Chance (briefly) on Rain

The Games of October 2013.

Dragon's Crown Vs. Dragon's Crown (PS3 Vs. Vita)

The Games of September 2013.

FEATURE - on the women of Dragon's Crown.

Editorial - okay, maybe I can enjoy Dragon's Crown without approving of it. (In which my fear that Dragon's Crown may/does represent women badly reaches a fever pitch.)

The Games of August 2013.

Editorial - I'm with Marcus on the Fez II thing.  (In which I say stuff that'll probably get me in trouble.)

Best of 2012 - Game of the Year. (Better late than never!)

New to the PlayStation Vita?  Here's where to start.

New to the PS3?  Here's where to start.

The Games of July 2013.

Comics of the Console Wars (thirty-plus webcomics.)

The Xbox One Eighty - an opinion.

Xbox One : the good in what Microsoft is trying to do, and how to fix our problem with it.

...and that was E3 (a breakdown.  The short version?  Sony won.)

Cliff Blezinski (shockingly) defends Microsoft's DRM (an editorial.)

The Xbox One has had a few tough weeks - but let's not disregard it yet.

The E3 2013 Infohub (an organization of all 207 E3 2013-related posts.)

My E3 wish list.

Xbox One - the facts and the feelings.

The Games of June 2013.

The awesomest sexist workplace story ever (sexism in gaming.)

Reflections on the Xbox One reveal.

The Xbox One reveal - all the details.

The Games of May 2013.

Impressions - the Soul Sacrifice demo.

Jason Schreier and George Kamitani are kinda' being dicks.  (Sexism in gaming editorial - the pissing match over Dragon's Crown.)

The Games of April 2013.

Oh, so NOW God of War is offensively sexist.  (Sexism in gaming editorial.)

Tomb Raider is totally derivative (and awesome.)

The Games of March 2013.

PS4 feelings (on the platform's reveal).

The Games of February 2013.

Best of 2012 - Best Vita Games.

What happened to Ninja Theory's portrayal of women? (DmC: Devil May Cry)

Best of 2012 - Art Direction.

Best of 2012 - Performance.

The Games of January 2013.

Best of 2012 - Soundtrack.


Best of 2012 - Gameplay.

Best of 2012 - Biggest Surprise.

This is your doing, Mogs (an editorial in support of the Vita.)

The Games of November 2012.

The Games of October 2012.

About Bayonetta 2... (being on the Wii U.)

Why Mark of the Ninja is the game of the summer (editorial).

The Games of September 2012.

The Games of August 2012.

The Lollipop Chainsaw playlist. (Music.)

The rest of 2012 - upcoming awesome.

The Best of 2012 (so far). The best of the first half of 2012.

Lollipop Chainsaw - Juliet dances (in-depth gameplay breakdown.)

E3 2012 : The Short Version (here's the essential info from E3 2012).

The Hitman Saints controversy is ridiculous (sexism in gaming editorial.)

The E3 recap - June 4th. 

E3 May 30 to June 1 - the rundown.

The Games of May 2012.

FEATURE - Lollipop Chainsaw - should I hate this? (sexism in gaming editorial.)

Ding Dong, Asmussen's gone (celebrating Stig Asmussen's departure from SCE Santa Monica, and pointing out how terribly the narrative ball was dropped under his leadership.)

MOVIE - The Raid. 

Three Things (Battle Royale, Plants Vs. Zombies and Resonance of Fate)

The Games of April 2012

Personal Note (the games I'm not playing.)

FEATURE - artistic merit.

The Best of 2012 - January to March.

Mass Effect 3 Ending Discussion (spoilers!)

The Games of March 2012

IMPRESSIONS - Rayman: Origins.

Game Diary - The Vita.

And it is in my hands. (I bought a Vita)

FEATURE - Totally and severely off-topic. (Nothing to do with gaming or popular media. Sexism.)

The Games of February 2012

The Monthly Hate - Preordering a Vita from Best Buy.

Personal Note - you have betrayed me, First Molar!

MOVIE - Underworld: Awakening.

Best of 2011 - wrap-up.

Best of 2011 - Game of the Year.

MOVIE - A Dangerous Method.

FEATURE - 2012 is lookin' pret-ty good.

Best of 2011 - performances.

The Games of January 2012.

Best of 2011 - atmosphere.

Oh God. Oh God, no! Okay, that's a little bett-oh God no!


GotY is a lot harder, this year.

Best of 2011 - gameplay.

Best of 2011 - presentation.

Best of 2011- best movies.

Best of 2011 - biggest surprise.

Best of 2011 - art direction.

FEATURE - inequality in character design.

Best of 2011 - greatest moments.

The Monthly Hate - Nintendo games.

Best of 2011 - the candidates. (Games up for consideration.)

Would I rather want a game than have it?

Looking ahead - early 2012.

The Games of November 2011.

Mmm. you feel good... (The id shotgun.)

The Monthly Hate - October and November. Every year.

The Games of October 2011.

Too long - did not read. (Very personal note.)

The Games of September 2011.

Vampire movies! (A State of the Vampire Movie Union address.)

Time for some math! (What the releases of Fall 2011 will cost.)

Sorry, Apple. Your iPods rock.

Personal note : I used to write.

The Games of August 2011.

The Best of 2008. Yes, seriously.

The Games of July 2011.

The Best of 2011 (so far).

The Xbox 360 - six months later.

Does Duke Nukem go too far?

The value of different. (What is originality really worth?)Link
E3 2011 - the best trailers.

IMPRESSIONS - inFamous 2.

IMPRESSIONS - the Duke Nukem Forever demo.

IMPRESSIONS - inFamous 2 demo. (Holy impressions, Batman!)

The awesomest trailers.

The Games of June 2011.

IMPRESSIONS - L.A. Noire. (In which I complain about L.A. Noire.)

Great box art of 2011 is about bold simplicity.

The next three months: Lookin' good.
(Upcoming releases.)

FEATURE - is a golden age of gaming coming to an end?

The Games of May 2011.

FEATURE - the best games that aren't "the best."

IMPRESSIONS - Singularity.

IMPRESSIONS - Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.

The Monthly Hate - It's. Not. New. (Selling unsealed games as "new".)

The Games of April 2011.

Her and The Watch. (A very long, very personal note.)

FEATURE - Damnit, I'm an elitist gamer.


The games of March 2011.

Buying Blu-rays is a science.
(The best places to buy.)

The best defense of GeoHot I've ever read.
In which I endorse cartoons.
(In which I endorse cartoons.)

In defense of graphics.

Tales of the macabre!
(John Ajvide Lindqvist)

Time to start preppin'.
(Video games valentines.)

The Killzone 3 demo makes me wonder if I'm a fanboy.

Burying the needle: the best games of 2011.

The games of February 2011.

The first four months of 2011: Lookin' good.

Best of 2010 - Game of the Year.


This is the end. (Impressions after beating Gears of War.)

Best of 2010 - performances.

Best of 2010 - PSP game.

Best of 2010 - soundtrack.

Best of 2010 - downloadable game.

2010 in review - this blog!

Best of 2010 - gameplay.

And then there were three. (Got a 360).

2010 in review - biggest regrets.

Best of 2010 - presentation.

Does Michael Pachter need to stfu?

Is everything about Tomb Raider about to change? (Let's hope so.)

IMPRESSIONS - Disney's Epic Mickey.

Best of 2010 - art direction.

Best of 2010 - atmosphere.

Best of 2010 - biggest surprise.

It's that time of year
. (Best of 2010.)

The deal with Catherine. In which I explain the deal with that game, Catherine.

The Monthly Hate - Sony's Fall lineup.

Let us speak of Ghost in the Shell.

The Games of October 2010.

PS2 Library: The Essentials.

A short look at where I'm at with the Wii.

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles announced.

The Monthly Hate - PSJailbreak, and a bit of bitching about Sony.

Duke Nukem Forever exists. Again. (And it won't be "generic.")

The Games of September 2010.

Confession time. (I buy manga and like Azumanga Daioh)

Okay, we need to have a talk. (re: Siren: Blood Curse)

FEATURE - Nerd debate! Subs vs dubs. (anime)

Where's the hate? (I should bitch about things more.)

The Monthly Hate - motion controls.

The Games of August 2010.

FEATURE - The rest of 2010. Lookin' good.

Goddamnit Ebert, quick picking on video games!

Editorial: why New Cole isn't a bad thing. (inFamous 2)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker impressions.

Wii ownership: one month in.

What PS2 up-ports would you like?

Geek habitat: my room Vs this girl's room.

Anime - Paranoia Agent.
Sony at E3: what one can expect. What one hopes.

3D Dot Game Heroes: early impressions.

Who am I?! (Defining "hardcore gamer.")

Playstation 3: The Ten Best Games. Period. Exclamation Point.

Early Impressions - The Saboteur.

It was a very good year (so far). (The first 1/4 of 2010.)

And now for something completely different. (Healthy, delicious veggie sandwich recipe.)

The deal with PlayStation Move.

Move Schmoove. Here's a great, easy recipe for butter chicken.

Sex! (Love scenes in video games.)

I just bought a PS3. Now what? (PS3 exclusives guide.)

FEATURE - the many trials of going PSP.

Playing Bayonetta first makes Darksiders less enjoyable, and vice-versa.


2009: My personal top 5. (Ignoring all that "objective quality" stuff, these are my personal faves.)

2009: All the other games worth playing (on PS3).

MINI - Games of the Year.
(Totally truncated.)

FEATURE - 2009 Games of the Year - Part 1. (In-depth.)

FEATURE - 2009 Games of the Year - Part 2.

January, February, March, April, May.
(Notable titles in the first few months of 2010.)

FEATURE - five things wrong with Uncharted 2.
FEATURE - MAG Beta Impressions.

360 timed exclusives get extra content on PS3 - fanboys swear revenge.

FEATURE - I think I love inFamous.

FEATURE - why Arkham Asylum is such a big deal.

How to prepare for the future (of Fallout 3).


Have you watched Samurai Champloo?

RETRO Reccomendation - Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven.

FEATURE - Why the PS3? (half serious, half not)

October hits my wallet's weak point for massive damage. (major October releases)

ESSAY - Cigarettes are a foul, seductive Bitch Goddess.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Atlus USA. (learn to love 'em)

FEATURE - inFamous Vs. Prototype. (an exhaustive comparison)

SPOTLIGHT ON: Darksiders.

So what is Way of the Samurai?

FEATURE - Modern gaming has left me soft.

MUSING - Only two hundred and fifty dollars! (PSP Go)

FEATURE - Future Fine Times of 2009 - Part I. (notable upcoming titles I don't care about)

FEATURE - Games of 2009 - Part II. (titles that may be great)

FEATURE - Games of 2009 - Part III. (titles that will be great)

* * *


ANIME - Sword of the Stranger.

MOVIE - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.

ANIME - Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Rrrango! (...released on Bluray. Also, a Transformers 3 review.)

MOVIE(s) - the Vengeance trilogy.

Summer movies. (Thor, Super 8, X-Men: First Class, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Kung-Fu Panda 2.)

MOVIE - Thor.

MOVIE - Priest.

MOVIE - Evangelion 2:22 : You Can (Not) Advance. (Anime.)

MOVIE - Tangled.

MOVIE - Batman Returns.

MOVIE - Sucker Punch.

MOVIE - Summer Wars.

MOVIE - Rango.

MOVIE - Despicable Me.

And some other movies.
(Tremors, Tron, Knight & Day.)

A strange exception. (V for Vendetta.)

MOVIE - Inception.

MOVIE - Machete.

MOVIE - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

MOVIE - Predators.

MOVIE - The Wolfman.

When will Disney cartoons be awesome again? (The Princess and the Frog.)

Yeah, you should see Kick-Ass.

MOVIE - Something The Lord Made.

MOVIE - Jennifer's Body.

MOVIE - Forbidden Siren.

MOVIE - Let The Right One In.
(As of July 2011, I'm still waiting for the movie that replaces Let The Right One In as my favorite. Honestly, it's incredible.)

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