Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sony at E3: what one can expect. What one hopes.


It is precisely one month until E3, and Sony has taken the opportunity to throw up a minimalist website to promote what they'll... well, promote. Every title listed here elicits a deeply-felt "meh" from me, but we'll get to the Hopes component in a minute.

-Modnation Racers

-Socom 4
-Gran Turismo 5

PS3 Move
-Move Party
-The Shoot
-Sports Champions

...which rather falls in line with the general prediction that they will, unfortunately, spend too much time talking about the Move. One might argue their Wii-too lineup is too damn transparent. Move Party is the ubiquitous minigame collection, The Shoot seeks to cash in on the genre that found the greatest success on the Wii - the light gun shooter - and Sports Champion is clearly just Wii Sports re-skinned, with a new controller.

But is that such a bad move? Microsoft is going to the far end of the spectrum with the controller-less, button-less Natal. Sony isn't trying to carve itself out an entirely new audience - it's trying to take Nintendo's.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has been saying for months that the Wii HD will be out in 2010, it's just called the Playstation Move. Sony knows it too - and that's why the games its showcasing are simply Wii classics, re-skinned, with better controls. Well, one would hope the controls are better. Sony wants to be the answer for people who say "I've had fun with my Wii, but the graphics are so blah."


inFamous 2
is my personal great hope for the show. It's been all but officially announced, and some sources were reporting its release for 2010, but I doubt it. inFamous was an upgraded version of the engine Sucker Punch used for the Sly Cooper titles on the PS2 - word is inFamous 2 will use a new engine - and I highly doubt a dev as small as Sucker Punch could slap together a new high-quality game engine and build a game on it in eighteen months.

Still, it will be nice to hear something.

The Last Guardian
had damn well better show up at E3. Show us a new trailer that will move us to tears (again)! Better yet, show us a demonstration of the gameplay. Better yet, give us a release date.

Mass Effect
For months now, rumors have surfaced regarding BioWare's premier franchise landing on Sony's console. Not helping the case for conspiracy is that (when they aren't slipping up and saying Mass Effect will probably land on the PS3) BioWare reps refuse to outright deny that it's going multiplatform.

This one is hardly as likely as inFamous 2 and TLG, but if something is going to be announced, June 15 will be the day to do it.


's PS3 exclusivity is a mystery with several rumored reasons. Some say they inked the deal to prevent Sony from suing Team Bondi, when Team Bondi didn't deliver them L.A. Noire in a timely fashion. Rockstar picked up Bondi and financed the further development of the Noire, making it multiplatform.

Another theory is that Microsoft didn't just pay the rumored fifty million for timed exclusivity of the Grand Theft Auto IV DLC - they paid much, much more to make Grand Theft Auto IV multiplatform, instead of a PS3 exclusive. The rumor says Agent was an olive branch to Sony.

Personally, I believe the first story.

Please, let us see something more than Agent's logo at E3 2010.

* * *

I also hope we get some news from Insomniac. There's little doubt Resistance 3 is on the way, but what is their new studio in North Carolina up to? Could the rumors of Insomniac going multiplatform be true? Will they make another Ratchet & Clank game?

Here's hopin'.

I also hope we get some news on what SCE Studio Japan is up to. Give us a sequel to Blood Curse, you bastards!

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