Monday, July 12, 2010

MOVIE - Predators.

After work tonight a buddy and I decided to go check out Predators.

Adrian Brody is a more capable action hero than one might think, and it's still very cool to see a Predator turn off their cloaking device, rip out someone's spinal column and stand there roaring, looking all badass. That said? Meh.

Perhaps the most damning thing I can say against it is that it's not as good as that first Aliens Vs. Predator movie. That one ain't bad. For the love of God, don't waste your time on AVP 2.

Easily, the best part of the viewing was a trailer which proceeded the film - before today, I had no idea Robert Rodrigues was turning that awesome trailer from Grindhouse into an actual movie.

This trailer looks like an okay movie. Let's hope the final product is near as good as its inspiration (WARNING: Not safe for work or children!):


  1. They totally changed the tone of Machete. When it was fake it was just satirical action and sex. Now it's serious with inevitable moments of sentiment. It probably would have been better off stating over-the-top and ridiculous.

    Also, best part of the film by far was the Scott Pilgrim trailer.

  2. First off, we don't know it'll be any less ridiculous than the original trailer. Knowing Rodrigues, it won't be - and that's the movie's greatest selling feature at this point.

    Second, we didn't get a Scott Pilgrim trailer :( tres disappointment.

  3. Let's just hope he makes it a hard R.

  4. Well, his motorcycle does have gatling guns. I'll remain positive.

    And that is a shame. Nearly every film I've seen in the past few months has had one. I always freak out when it starts.