Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where's the hate?

Everything is awesome!

It has come to my attention that this blog is primarily a space where... how did Rent put it...
"Whenever you write an inevitable blog post about how it's the best thing ever, I demand you put in a line about how rad I am."
He was referencing this bit of insanity, which I am not endorsing. And, for the record, Rent is largely rad. Here's hoping he gets out of jail soon.

But he has a point - I don't really bitch in this space, do I? I'll point out flaws in reviews, very rarely offering a condemnation, but if there is a gaming item or subject I dislike or am simply disinterested in, I won't talk about it. Why would I? I don't care about it. Let's take Way of the Samurai 3 as an example.

This was one of my most anticipated games of 2009. I was bouncing off the walls when it got announced for a localization, and when I finally got my greedy little mitts on it, it came and went without much fanfare on this space. Why?

'Cause it wasn't that good.

Then why not write a review, warning people away from it? That's like, a public service, man.

'Cause I couldn't care enough about Way of the Samurai 3 to even finish a single playthrough. And you have to play through a WotS game twenty or thirty times if you actually want to understand every permutation of the narrative.

Well, that's just lazy.

A little bit, yes. But where's the harm?

The harm is that, if one were to watch this space as their only source for gaming news (first off, they would be tragically uninformed about 95% of industry developments, but also) they would be under the false impression that every game on the horizon is awesome, and almost every game that comes out is ambrosia for the gamer palette, with very few exceptions.

Not only that, but when I try to tell you something's awesome, why should you listen? I say almost everything is awesome. And everything can't be awesome, or else the word would be "standard." (Let us, for the moment, ignore the argument that most of the things I highlight on this blog are awesome because I choose to blog about awesome things, and give limited shrift to less-than awesome subjects.)

Everything's rosy on The Games of Chance because I don't talk about the stuff I don't care about. Plus, articles (for example) about how Kojima Productions or Insomniac Games have "betrayed Sony" by going multiplatform are just... stupid.

Hey! I did it! I bitched about... other... passionate gamers. ...which seems kinda' douchey. Hm.

Okay, let me try this again...


  1. nothing wrong with a bit of ranting. it keeps us sane, other wise we all explode.

  2. It's natural to explode into a nerd-rant every once in awhile. :D

  3. Hell yeah I get mentioned

    Also MSPA IS the raddest thing ever