Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles announced.

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Via Famitsu's pre-TGS issue. Lots to get to, so let's break it down...

It's another PSP game.

I know, I know, me too. But let's face it, VC2 works great on the PSP - yes, the graphics take a hit and (so far) the story ain't up to par, but in terms of how it plays it's actually a real step up from the original. So what's Unrecorded Chronicles got that makes it droolworthy? Well, first up, there's the story. It takes place during the events of the original Valkyria Chronicles.
The story is centered on Gallian Army squad 422, also known as the Nameless. This group, consisting of criminals, deserters and other baddies, gets its name because its members are referred to by number rather than name.
Squad 422 are given the shit jobs - cleaning up mines, burying bodies - and "covert operations." 'Cause if you're going to trust anyone with operations whose secrecy is a matter of national security, you're going to trust career criminal and folks who went AWOL from your regular army. Am I right?

On the right there, we have Number 1. Her real name is Imuka - a Darcsen whose village was destroyed by the Valkyria - she's squad 422's ace soldier. Quiet, reserved, out for justice and living only for battle, she was hunting those responsible for her village's destruction when she was rescued by 422. She joins up, she kicks ass, and she made that gun herself.

I like her already. There aren't nearly enough ass-kicking Darcsen women in VC canon.

In the center there is the main character, Number 7 -
Kurt Irving. He was a brilliant commander in the regular army with a bright future, but an "incident" forces him into the ranks of squad 422. He's hoping to reprove his worth, and get back into a real unit.

Finally, we have the lady on the left,
...Number 13, Riela Marcellis. Reila is a descendent of the Valkyria, but she and those around her do not realize this. When her entire squad was killed off, she alone survived and was deemed a "god of death" and expelled to the Nameless.

Seriously, look at Imuka's gun. I love her already. Of course, given her heritage and Riela's heritage, trouble may be brewing.
...in the game's prologue, when Riela has yet to learn of her Valkyria descent, there's no problem, but afterwords the conflict between the two will become a major part of the story. Imuka will have to decide weather to live with revenge on her mind, or place the importance on the bonds with her allies.

Unlike the mission-based VC2, producer Shinji Motoyama says progression in VC3 will be closer "to the feel" of the original VC. 3 isn't mission-based - instead, it sounds like you'll proceed through the story in a linear fashion, which he believes will allow players to become more invested in the story (given the differences between VC and VC2, I can't disagree with this).

In addition, while maps will still be "area-based" (like VC2, I think?), they will be "more expansive and have more varied design." Different classes are also being combined in the name of quality over quantity, which Motoyama believes will give each class clearer roles.

Also new on the gameplay front are "Super Modes" that Imuka and Riela will be able to unleash. Riela goes all bluey-glow and Valkyrias it up while Imuka shows what that big bladed ultragun can really do. Sounds absolutely delicious.

When asked why the fuck Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles is yet again on the PSP, and not the PS3 like everyone who loves the series had hoped, Motoyama was... frustratingly unclear.
"This is the third game in the series, but only the second one on the PSP," he told Famitsu. "I figured that we should introduce new things to the series and let it mature more [on the PSP]. Of course, I know there are gamers who wanted us to release it on the PS3, but since the first Valkyria came out two years ago, I think we'd need a wholly different idea for the PS3, not something where the gameplay's only been updated a little bit. The problem with that, though, is that I don't think such a game would be Valkyria any longer."

While Motoyama is open to future PS3 developments, it seems that Valkyria is firmly planted on the PSP for now. "I want to make games on the right platform for the ideas I have. However -- for now, at least -- we're making the best Valkyria Chronciles that we can come up with."

Which all stinks of bullshit. "...we'd need a wholly different idea for the PS3, not something where the gameplay's only been updated a little bit. The problem with that, though, is that I don't think such a game would be Valkyria any longer."

So... basically you're saying we can never have another PS3 VC, because to do a PS3 VC it would have to be so different it wouldn't be VC? First off, who made that rule? Second, you're a dick.

Of course, there has been the expected fan backlash from another PSP title for the series, but let's face it - Unrecorded Chronicles sounds pretty damned awesome.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 is set for a January 27, 2011 release date in Japan. No word on a localization yet, of course.



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  1. Not only are there not enough ass-kicking Darcsen women, but there aren't enough ass-kicking Darcsen women wielding gatlinggunblades. Scratch that, there aren't enough gatlinggunblades period.

    Also, bullshit indeed. I may be extremely excited for this--and by "extremely excited" I mean "I squee'd like a fifteen year old girl when I saw the first images"--but there is absolutely no frakking reason whatsoever why this couldn't be on the PS3.