Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Games of October 2010.

I don't know about you, but last month's Games post was a bit unwieldly for my tastes. I should not have tried to be so darned inclusive - so let us cut away (most of) the chaff and only deal with the important stuff.

Of course, now is when the Fall Rush really heats up - so there's quite a few to get to...

* * *


October 5th
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
PS3, 360
Hyp-O-meter: Day one.

Ninja Theory's sophomore effort on the current gen is my single most anticipated game of Fall 2010. Reviews suggest the variety and strategic elements are welcome additions, but how the game plays still doesn't stand toe-to-toe with the phenomenal presentation of the narrative.

I totally don't care. It may not be a landmark game, but I've no doubts it will be a fantastic experience.

October 5th
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
PS3, 360
Hype-O-Meter: Wait, it's good? ...seriously?

I'm still having trouble believing all the great reviews Castlevania has been getting. I was just as standoffish about Arkham Asylum when it began wowing critics, so perhaps I should muzzle my inner cynic. One way or another, Lords of Shadow bears looking in to.


October 12th
Medal of Honor
PS3, 360, PC
Hype-O-Meter: It's a military-themed FPS. Turn me loose.

With a campaign by EA Los Angeles and multiplayer from DICE (Battlefield: Bad Company, Mirror's Edge), Medal of Honor will likely be a very good game.

While I truly don't give a crap about yet another gritty, Bruckheimer-esque triple-A military FPS, I really want MoH to succeed. I want it to knock Call of Duty down a peg or two, as (1) Activision needs a lesson in humility (2) because they suck and, let's face it (3) competition drives innovation and evolution.


October 19th
PS3, 360
Hype-O-Meter: Day one.

From Platinum Games, the folks who gave us Bayonetta, comes Vanquish, directed by the the dude who helmed Resident Evil, God Hand and the revolutionary Resident Evil 4. That's enough for me.

October 19th
Fallout: New Vegas
PS3, 360, PC
Hype-O-Meter: Day one.

Of all my guaranteed purchases in October, this is the one I'm least confident in. Sure, Fallout is back in the hands of the folks who created the franchise - but let's face it, Obsidian has a pretty iffy track record, overall - populated by singular, remarkably ambitious titles that often didn't quite deliver.

Addition and tweaks to Fallout 3's systems sound compelling, but after spending several hundred hours in the Capital Wasteland since 2008, I'm not sure I haven't experienced saturation.

October 19th
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Hype-O-Meter: Interested, but no sale. Yet.

Kirby's Epic Yarn holds much more appeal for me than, say, Mario Galaxy 2. The presentation, creativity and promise of classic platforming with a twist make Epic Yarn the most interesting Wii game of Fall 2010 (save Epic Mickey), but I'm still prepared to wait on this one.

October 19th
Naurto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
PS3, 360
Hype-O-Meter: I hope to find it somewhere for cheap, one day.

I don't much care for Naruto, but I do care for gorgeous games with cartoon-inspired visuals - and they don't come much more gorgeous and incredibly well-animated than these Ultimate Ninja Storm games. I'm still on the lookout for a copy of UNS - but I'd have to find it cheap. 'Cause it's Naruto, and who gives a crap?


October 26th
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
multi, multi, multi-platform
Hype-O-Meter: Nil.

Force Unleashed was a bad game, and I expect similarly shitty design from the sequel. No amount of bullet points checked off on a features list can save a game from bad pacing, design and controls.

If they fix everything - if the presentation is off the hook, the gameplay is airtight and the design is superb - give me a call.

October 26th
Fable III
360, PC
Hype-O-Meter: Partisan.

Admittedly, I was never much interested in Fable, so I can't say much about its threequel. Unlike BioShock or Mass Effect, it's not a 360/PC title I was particularly interested in, so I haven't followed media for III much.

Oh! I do know one thing! There's a new mechanic, in which the player character can take other characters by the hand. Sounds touching. Heh...

...moving on.

* * *

There's a lot to dig one's teeth into, in October. Unless you're looking for JRPGs. I'm going to have to think very hard about that Castlevania game and Kirby - but chances are good I'll be up to my earlobes in Fallout, and another game purchase will just seem silly.

Not that it's stopped me before.

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