Sunday, December 26, 2010

And then there were three.

Today I took a bit of a plunge.

Although I've always been (reasonably, I feel) standoffish about the 360 due mainly to its legendary ability to self-destruct and/or destroy one's games, the library has also been an issue for me. I'm sure I've put it this way before:

The 360 has a good half-dozen titles I'd really like to try, and nothing I really need to play.

Except the definitive version of Bayonetta. And I guess Limbo and Alan Wake.

I picked up said version of Bayonetta dirt-cheap from Wal-mart a month or so ago while I was there with Blue. It was very much like purchasing Muramasa before I actually owned a Wii. The reasoning behind it was the same - "I may not necessarily want an Xbox 360 - but I know I'll never want one if I can't find a copy of Bayonetta to play on it."

But my rule regarding price still held firm. No way would I spend three hundred dollars on one - it's not worth that, to me. Not two fifty, not even two hundred. $130 is a nice, low price for an HD gaming console.

So today, during my Boxing Day sojourn, I bought one.

But Chance! one may cry. You play PlayStation 3 games! It's how it's always been! What can you be called now, but 'traitor'?

I suspect I'll still play PS3 games, and the blog will continue to be PS3-centric.

Thegamesofchance has always been a place where I talk about the video games (and other stuff) that are interesting to me, at any given moment. Given that ninety per cent of it has been me talking about something on the PS3 or PSP, I can understand how I may have given you the impression of being an unyielding Sony fanboy.

I'm not sure I am, though. Admittedly, perhaps this article doesn't help my argument - but it's not so much about disliking the Wii and 360 as it is about why the PS3 was my first choice.

I fucking love my PS3. It's an internet-browsing game-playing exclusive-encrusted blu-ray-playing HD beast. I prefer the controller, but most of all I love Sony's first and second-party developers - I love the PS3 for the games - and given that Microsoft tends to concentrate its efforts on a shooter, one RPG franchise, another shooter and a racing game, I don't expect to have a particularly voluminous 360 library.

I like my Wii for Muramasa, and I bought the 360 for Bayonetta, Alan Wake and Limbo.

* * *

Now... setting the thing up was a bit of a hassle, I'll admit. Upon opening the box, it struck me that they arranged it very much like the Wii's internal packaging. It's designed to be simple, so Little Billy won't have much trouble putting it together.

Upon turning it on, however, it took a good half-hour of wading through seemingly unskippable goddamned tutorial menus before I was even able to create an XBL account - and then another ten or fifteen minutes to sign up for that and do I seriously have to create a fucking avatar before you'll just let me buy Limbo?!

* * *

Ahhh, but finally playing Limbo was sweet. A delicious delicacy of gaming. Simple, simple mechanics, great puzzles, lead-thick atmosphere and such wonderful presentation. And it's like, "yeah, this was the right call."

And so now, in terms of gaming, I have my options wide open. Except for the iPhone. And iPad. And DS. And gaming PC. Anyway...

I actually looked at the 360 section of the games in HMV today. "This is weird," I thought to myself. "Hmm, Mass Effect 1..."

One big happy family.

OhmiGod I'll be able to play Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet now!


I don't have to remind you what that is, do I? First noticed it last year, then in March word drops that it's getting an XBLA release and nothin' else? No? Don't remember? Never heard of it?

Watch the trailer.

I'll get to play that.

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