Thursday, March 31, 2011

The games of April 2011.

April - like May beyond - is almost offensively sparse. Fortunately - like May - the month is redeemed entire by one release that anyone in their right mind should be flipping out over.

It starts, however, with a little franchise that could - one of the PSP's most charming denizens.

April 12th
Patapon 3
Hype-O-Meter: High.

I have a strange relationship with the Patapon games. I've never completed one, and I adore them. When, after a few weeks or months apart, I pick the series up again, I find myself utterly seduced by the charming little characters, the energizing music, the great animation and stylish designs.

I probably put close to 30 hours into the first, I've barely scratched the second, and I will still likely find myself hard-pressed to not pick up Patapon 3 this month.

April 12th
The Incredibles
Hype-O-Meter: Day one.

I know it's not a game, but this month really needed some filler - plus, this is my favorite Pixar movie of all time, and I've been bitching ever since I upgraded to an HDTV that it was never available on Bluray.

On the 12th, it will be, and I will pay full price for a Disney movie - an almost disgusting act I am not prone to.

April 18th
Portal 2
Hype-O-Meter: Day one.

I don't care what the cynics think - I expect Portal 2 to be as thrilling, endearing, funny and smart as the original. If you don't know what Portal is, you may either find out right now or hand in your Gamer Card and get the hell out.

April 19th
Prince of Persia Trilogy HD
Hype-O-Meter: Low burn.

I love these games - we all do - and I find myself in the fortunate position of actually really, really enjoying Warrior Within (aside from the music). I must admit, I'll find it very difficult to not purchase an HD-re-release of one of the last gen's most celebrated trilogies.

April 19th
Mortal Kombat
Hype-O-Meter: Low.

I'll be honest - that demo didn't do much for me. The Mortal Kombat reboot may be better than the last few games in the series combined, but it still feels like a desperate, clawing attempt to wring a few more dubloons out of a dead name, once highly profitable.

That said, it still looks and plays pretty damn well - and hey, finishers are actually back! - but I doubt it will be any real competition for the BlazBlues or Street Fighters of the world.

Damn, April, you are leaner than DJ Qualls. You need some meat on your bones.


  1. It's a shame all my hype quota has been used up for skyrim which is AT THE END OF THIS YEAR GODDAMN.
    But I am somewhat inclined to get portal 2.

  2. No love for Uncharted 3 or Arkham City? For shame!

  3. I'm reeeeeaaaaally excited for Portal 2's co-op. Moreso than its single player, even, and I loved the original.