Saturday, March 5, 2011

MOVIE - Rango.

Saw Rango tonight...

It is really,

And I will day-one it on Bluray.

It's a feast of nods to all the great films that inform our modern perception of a western, and at times veers far afield to quite honestly and openly addressing stuff that - I have no doubt - flew way, way over the heads of the children who sat in the theater today. It's a PG movie, and there's nary a swear or drop of blood in sight, but it's exploring stuff that is plainly aimed at an adult crowd. Like, existential stuff.

"But what about the kids?" my brother asked, "it's like the movie just forgets about them."

"They won't understand it as we do," I told him, "but they will understand that there's something more going on here. Just like we did with Batman: The Animated Series when we were kids." The film will resonate with a younger crowd because it's not pandering to anyone - I expect it to become one of those classics that its young audience will seek out when they're older, because something about Rango just stuck with them, all their lives.

The performances are uniformly fantastic. Johnny Depp is of course his infinitely entertaining self, while Abigail Breslin steals every scene she shares with him as the tough, cool Priscilla:

The other thing that really stood out, for me, were the character designs. The only two that weren't just fantastic, but are good-enough, are the town mayor (Ned Beatty) and Rango's love interest, Beans (Isla Fisher). Every other character is just an explosion of incredible use of color, texture, detail, silhouette and animation. In particular, I love this catboy. I mean, cowcat. Cat cowboy:

Oh, it also came with a new trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2, which will certainly require viewing if it turns out to be as good as the first one.

...I just hope I'll have the option to not view it in 3D - which seems to have a fatal impact on action sequences.

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