Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Monthly Hate - It's. Not. New.

The Monthly Hate is a (rare and non-monthly) feature
where I try to complain about things.
I'm not a huge complainer, but I'll do my best.

I'll start with swearing more.

Today, on my way home from work, I stopped in at HMV to pick up Yakuza 4 - they have the best price for it. I picked up an empty case off the shelf and brought it up to the dude at the counter.

He opens some drawers, searches around for a sealed copy, and then tells me that this is their last copy - gutted a'la GameStop, so the case can sit on the shelf. But I can buy it.

"...are you going to charge me the 'new' price?" I asked.

"It is new," the kid tells me, and gives me the spiel about display cases and no one's ever touched the disk and yadda yadda yadda.

This is what I didn't say to the kid:
It's not new. It's not fucking new because it's not in the same condition you would accept it as new. If I took home your sealed game, opened it, and brought it back promising you that no one had touched the disc or played the game, and can I please have a refund, you would tell me to fuck right off because once it's unsealed it's not new - and such is the deal with all formats of electronic media.

Why are you telling me it's new? How come you guys can unseal a game and call it new, but I can't? Why the hell should I trust you with this new definition of "new" when you (rightly) don't trust your customers in the same way?

It's. Not. New.
...but HMV still charges less than every other vendor in town. To buy it used from GameStop would actually be more expensive than buying this "new" copy, and so I said to the kid

"well, hang on," and gently peeled back the price sticker on the case. "Let's just see, here..."

It came off clean, with no gunk or paper left behind - no sticky crap to collect dust.

Good as new.


...and by paying the "new" price for it, I have tacitly accepted this foul system of bullshit double-standards, and - by not openly condemning it - allowed it to continue. Perhaps the lion's share of this month's hate should be reserved for me.


At least I don't have to feel guilty for buying it used. I think.

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