Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The awesomest trailers.

Maybe not really awesomest. Maybe not even best - but certainly my favorites.

E3 2011 is nearly upon us, and with it will come a tidal wave of trailers - pre-rendered and gameplay - to drop our jaws and get the salivary glands a-workin'. Let's whet our appetites with some of the better trailers thus far this gen, starting with one of the first games to keep the promise of the HD consoles.

The song is Teardrop by Massive Attack.

Next up we have the second trailer for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. After a short spot introducing the game at the Spike VGAs and before the lovely, slow-mo Fortune Favors trailer at GamesCon, we got this storey-laced, action-rrific two minutes of pure spectacle which literally had me cheering out loud when Elena appeared onscreen.

Wet may not be the same caliber of game as AC or Uncharted, but you'd never know it from this 2007 trailer.

As I was searching for it, I came across this awesome TV commercial which was clearly never broadcast in Canada.

Speaking of deadly ladies, long before I was able to afford my PS3 this ad for Heavenly Sword sold me on the console.

I had my eye on Darksiders for a long time - back when it looked like crap - but I ravenously consumed its promotional material prior to its release in the hope that it would keep its promise as a badass Zelda. This trailer in particular warmed me to my cockles.

The Saboteur may have been short on polished gameplay, but it was always long on style. This trailer from E3 '09, featuring the sultry tones of Nina Simone's Feelin' Good, did a great job of inviting you into its lovely, cheesy world.

This year's seen it's share of excellent trailers. Of all the stuff for Dead Space 2 that dropped, I must admit it's the launch trailer that got me most excited. Yeah, it's got a cheesy licensed song going on, but there's something really encouraging about seeing a bunch of awesome action and graphics while quotes from publications tell you "yes, it's actually as good as it looks."

Another launch trailer that's easily one of my favorites this gen is this gorgeously-cut one for Mirror's Edge.

One of the best trailers so far this year is undoubtedly the gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham City, set to The Heavy's Short Change Hero.

To polish off the great trailers of 2011, I was trying to decide between the Violence in Wonderland trailer for Alice, or this one. I had to go with this.

...then I realized it would be insane to do a best-of-2011 trailers thing without including this one - which rocked the internet when it appeared back in February.

A personal favorite of 2010 was the TV spot for Bayonetta. The song is the Skreams Lets Get Ravey Remix of In For The Kill by La Roux.

To wind things up, we've got two trailers that are undoubtedly among the best of this generation - and they're both just TV commercials.

First up... once upon a time, somewhere beyond the sea...

Finally, what's the single best trailer of the current generation? The one that can still send a chill up your spine, inspire and makes the promise of the high-def consoles?

That's easy. It's the Mad World commercial for Gears of War.

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