Saturday, May 14, 2011

MOVIE - Priest.

Yesterday I was out having an indulgent day of shopping (picked up Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Bros. Wii, the Flight of the Conchords complete collection and a little Mario vinyl figure), and I decided I was in the mood to see a shitty action movie.

I chose well. Priest is very, very shitty.

And not even redeemably shitty like Machete, where you can point to one or two really cool sequences. It isn't Matrix-shitty, where at least the special effects are really good and the action is fun to watch - it's just shitty.

What we've got is a movie with very respectable actors and occasional lovely art direction that's just boring and predictable and doesn't even do us the favor of having interesting action. It's almost entirely irredeemable, and isn't really fun to watch - unless you count the occasionally great set design.

Karl Urban was good, though. It's enjoyable to see him play the villain, and he cuts a wonderful silhouette in a duster coat and cowboy hat. Oh, it also has Maggie Q in it. I'll warn you, this trailer makes Priest look much better than it is:

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