Saturday, July 23, 2011

MOVIE - Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Part Two.

The final Harry Potter movie feels precisely like it should: the grand payoff. A steeple of intense catharsis perched atop a decade's worth of narrative construction.

Gone is the need to develop character. We know these people intensely well, and there's nothing further to reveal to us about Harry, Ron and Hermione. Snape, finally, is revealed to be the most rounded and interesting character in the franchise in part of a late-movie series of emotional foreplay that had me welling up for thirty minutes straight.

Gone are the endless series of mysteries for the kids to solve. We know why we're here - we know what Harry, Ron and Hermione must do to destroy Voldemort - and we know that, by the end, they will succeed. At one point, when they reiterate their plan and come to the conclusion that "then, this will all be over," I must admit I felt a twinge of sadness at the thought.

Once Voldemort dies, so too dies Harry Potter. There is no story left to tell once his great nemesis exits stage left, and that idea is as bittersweet as turning the last page of Book Seven.

If we must say goodbye to a wonderful world where wizards play extreme sports on broomsticks and lifelong friends are made over potions class, wearing jaunty striped neckties and stylish cloaks - this is the way to do it. Two hours rich with action, set pieces, love and loss.

It's delicious. I'm likely still reeling from its comfortable, thrilling embrace, so I'll try to leave you with a perhaps more dispassionate measure:

If you love Harry Potter, this is the conclusion-film you wanted it to be. The only thing I was left wishing it contained was Luna giving Neville a kiss on the cheek.

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