Monday, November 21, 2011

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Don't have time to read all these posts?

The form of how I handle this didn't really take shape until last year - being a much more laissez faire affair in 2009 - but I'm quite fond of the structure I used in 2010, so I'll utilize it again, here.

Today I'll note what games could possibly receive adulation. There are two criteria that must be met:
(1) the game was released in 2011
(2) I played and completed the game.
The second qualifier removes ninety-seven per cent of all games released this year from consideration. I'm sorry, Valkyria Chronicles 3 - I loved my time with you, but didn't finish you - for your are in Japanese. Sorry, Resistance 3 - I just didn't find the time. Sorry, Zelda - I'm just not that into you, and sorry, Mario 3D Land - I'm not about to buy a 3DS for you alone.

Such is the way the cookie crumbles. What remains is a slice of gaming media which I found noteworthy, money-worthy or otherwise time-worthy in 2011.

and the nominees are...

* * *

A mere twenty-three games. Certainly not a significantly large list - but what it lacks in quantity it largely gains in quality. Keep in mind - more than a few of the above games will be entirely absent from this year's proceedings, unless I submit a "biggest disappointment" or similar category. Please note, I do not - at this point - have all the categories planned out.

At some point, in the coming days and weeks, you'll begin seeing Best of 2011 posts pop up here on the blog - likely after I have concluded my time with Skyrim and Revelations.

What's that? You want a preview? Oh, all right - Duke Nukem suuuuucked.

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