Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Games of January 2012.

January... are you okay? You need to eat somethin' - you're looking positively anorexic! Back in 2010 we had Bayonetta and Darksiders, and 2011 gave us Dead Space 2 - what've you got?

You've got nothin', pretty much, 'till January 31st. That's barely even in January.

Still - you're here - and we'd best get this over with.

January 10th - or 17th, whatever.
PS3, 360
Hype-O-Meter: (Shrug) eh.

Amy has relatively little hype surrounding it. Perhaps it's because it's relatively cheap-looking. Perhaps because it has mediocre production values. Perhaps it's because it's from a dev called VectorCell, and all they've done was a DS title nobody's heard of - under a different company name.

Still, this is all January has to offer, unless you count the last day - and given that it appears to be a story-driven survival horror game, that's good enough for me. Lord knows I have a soft spot for underdog horror games.

January 31st
PS3, 360
Hype-O-Meter: (Long shrug) ehhh...

NeverDead is a weird-as-hell Konami third-person shooter about an immortal dude who can be dismembered during combat to the point where he's just a severed head rolling around the battlefield - and he can never be killed, so you just keep on' rollin, reattaching yourself to your arms so you can shoot again and legs so you can hop again - and maybe grab your torso back, 'cause why not?

I suspect its overall quality will end up somewhere lower than 2011's (pretty good!) Shadows of the Damned - but given that I have zero interest in the next two games, I'm probably going to end up buying and reviewing NeverDead.

January 31st
Final Fantasy XIII-2
PS3, 360
Hype-O-Meter: For me? Nil. For everyone else? ...actually, I've never heard of anyone being hyped about this game. Still - could be way better than XIII.

It's Final Fantasy XIII! Again! This time, with Chocobos and Moogles and a cool time-travel plot and you don't seem to play much - if at all - as the only halfway interesting character from the first game!

January 31st
SoulCalibur V
PS3, 360
Hype-O-Meter: For me? Nil. For others? Sky high.

Lots of folks love SoulCalibur, and point to it as the triple-A fighter with the lowest bar for entry. As such, I should love this game - plus, this one's got Ezio Auditore in it, and I'm all about that guy - but these titles have never grabbed me.

I'm saving myself, in other words, for VirtuaFighter 5: Final Showdown.

* * *

And that's January! Hey January! Eat something.


  1. Yeah, really I think this year in its entirety is looking pretty lukewarm compared to its predecessor.

    Amy looks decent, I always have a bit of attention to devote to fresh new efforts. XIII-2 I want very much to care about, because I'm one of the few that actually adored its predecessor. But while I'm always up a for a time travel story, I can't get behind the monster recruiting they're introducing. As a gameplay mechanic, monster recruiting other than Pokemon has never felt like anything other than a huge cop out to me.

  2. Well, 2011 had a crapload of awesome in it - but 2012 seems pretty packed with games and franchises a lot of us would consider special. SSX, Max Payne, The Darkness, Asura's Wrath, Mass Effect 3, Dragon's Dogma, Grand Knights History, Dragon's Crown, Prototype 2, Devil May Cry, X-COM, South Park The Game... and that's pretty much ignoring 2012's holiday season, I think.