Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh God. Oh God, no! Okay, that's a little bett-oh God no!

Kayla and I were cuddling, this morning, after a successfully pleasant New Year's Eve, and we somehow got on the subject of Dead Space. She told me her brother had tried both, but was unable to complete them due to how abjectly terrifying the games are.

"Seriously? Dead Space?"

I mean, I know it's a horror game - but that certainly never stopped me from playing the hell out of 'em. "So... you've never seen the intro to Dead Space?" I asked.

"No," she admitted. And I hopped up to grab Dead Space and Dead Space 2. The PS3 had recently frozen while attempting to browse the internet - a common occurrence - so I tapped the power button to reset it. When it came back on it said it had to do a hard drive check (like it always does now, with the latest firmware), and then... it went dark.

Upon booting the thing, all you'd see is a black screen. I tried again and again - black screen.

Oh God. Is my PS3 dead? Has my next paycheque morphed, before my eyes, into a new PlayStation 3?

I investigated upon the interwebs, and found that this tends to just be a problem with the PS3's video settings - that you simply have to either replace the HDMI cable or go into the recovery menu and tell it to return the system's settings to default, at which point you can tell it what time zone you're in, et cetera, it will say "hey, you've got me hooked up with HDMI - wanna' use it?" and you keep all your saved games.

Upon using the utility I was indeed able to go back into the system. I set up the date, time, internet access annd... where are my saved games?

My trophies are there, associated with my acount. My premium PSN avatar is there, and my System Settings are telling me I've filled up 220GB worth of hard drive space, but...

I called Sony support - spoke to a pleasant fellow who had a lonely New Year's Eve alone who had a passing interest in sasquatch - who seemed a bit happy that I was actually offering him a problem he'd never heard of. He had me do the thing I'd already done again, and then admitted that all we could do was wipe my hard drive.

So... there's eighteen months worth of save games.


For fuck's sake.

So, what's the answer? To be honest, the answer almost seems to be memory cards like back on the PS2 - so when the system borks, you didn't lose the 80+ hours you put into Nocturne - but of course, those don't exist any more.

Ugh. That is it. I'm getting a USB HD and backing this shit up once a week.


Dark Souls 80 hour character? Gone. Skyrim's 60-hour assassin king? Gone. Dead Space 2's sixth-new-game-plus Pimped Isaac? Gone.

Portal 2, Batman, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, inFamous 2... No, wait, here's a better way to put it - I lost saved game info for all these games:

So. Yeah. Happy fucking New Year.

I'm gonna' go play Dead Island. And find an apt lolcats image... there we go:

Aaaaaugh and I lost my level 40 Xian on Dead Island... goddamnit...

[update] That feels better. Take that, zombies who in this case symbolize the PS3's ability to corrupt itself when you're just browsing the bloody internet!

Deliciously violent. [/update]


  1. That sucks massive pterodactyl poop.

  2. I've been backing my saves up periodically on a 4 Gig Memory Stick (like for a PSP; they're official Sony ones that were on sale for like $10 a ways back)since I got the replacement PS3. Basically for this very type of thing. (And it's with merit, since I'm pretty sure the GPU on mine is dying.) The thing that bugs me is that some games simply -won't- let you do I try not to get attached to those games.

    For instance, all three Sly Cooper games in the collection. Absolutely no way to back up saves (minus backing them up to the cloud via PS+) but I have them beat and platinum'd so I don't worry about them so much.

    But shit like my 100+ hours invested into the whole of Dynasty Warriors 7+XL? Yeah. That shit is backed the hell up right now because I'll be damned if I lose that much progress -again-.

  3. With every press of the Down key over that list, a small piece within me died a little bit more.

    Of all the worst things that could happen, this is perhaps the. Worst. Possible. Thing.

  4. "Abjectly terrifying" sums it up nicely. The PS+; does it save to the cloud automatically? If so, that might make it worth the price of admission.

  5. To be honest the cloud was my first thought - but I've got a 1TB USB HDD, so I'm gonna' give that a whirl first.

  6. PS+ cloud saves are manual as far as I know.

  7. I'm pretty sure it's kind of a half-manual, half-auto thing, actually. When I was taking Sonic Generations out of my PS3 today via the triangle menu (because I am too lazy to just run my finger over the eject spot) that keeps getting new options, there was an "Auto-Update Save Data" or something to that effect option with a little plus logo next to it. So I imagine you have to set it to auto-update and possibly a time at which it's supposed to do so (but I'm not familiar with Plus's auto-synching/updating at all), but after that it's automatic.

    Maybe. I dunno. Worth looking into if you're getting/have Plus already for sure, but probably not too big a thing to get Plus explicitly for.