Friday, June 28, 2013

Muramasa screenshots of the day! June 28th.

I didn't put as much time as usual into Muramasa yesterday, as I felt compelled to get Hotline Miami off my plate - but on the bright side I finally got the Momohime Vs. Samurai shot I've been lookin' for.

Misty fields and wind-swept trees... not bad.  Not perfect but certainly not bad.

I also fought this other samurai dude on a beach,

but he was no match for my Oboro sword style.

Momohime, in a desperate bid to save her beloved, forces her soul back in to her body to eject Jinkuro - and an uneasy agreement is made.

I also fought a giant forest spirit thing, but I couldn't get a good shot of his one glowing eye as he lines up his fist at you.

But still - took him down, and he transformed back into a mighty boar.

Pork chops, anyone?  Y'know what?  No.  Let's just go for a good soak.

Ahhh the hot springs.  That's something we can all enjoy.

And then we're off!  Off to more high-flying adventure in feudal Japan!

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