Saturday, July 6, 2013

Completing one character's story mode will take you 20 hours in Dragon's Crown.

A new report out of Japan confirms that Dragon's Crown, like Muramasa and Odin Sphere before it, will offer a metric ton of content for gamers who find themselves absorbed in Vanillaware's latest dungeon-crawling RPG brawler - each of the six heroes have a story mode that will take "about twenty hours" to complete.  If you think 120 hours isn't quite enough content, keep in mind that Dragon's Crown will also offer new areas that open up after completing the main campaign, PvP arenas and lord knows what else.

You gotta' hand it to them - this is one company that gives you a huge bang for your buck.

Speaking of which, even after fifty-plus hours with it, Muramasa refuses to release its kung-fu grip on my fevered imagination.  I've tried, man.  I tried out Mortal Kombat on Vita (why can't I love a fighting game that's not Virtua Fighter?), I tried out Velocity Ultra (pretty awesome, actually), but all I wanna' do is keep on plugging away at Fury mode with Momohime.

Beating the crap out of this boss - who has an unblockable quick-draw attack, only communicated with a brief reach towards his scabbard - while my health bar reads 1/1 is supremely satisfying.  Only took three tries!


  1. Two things: Thing the first - Do you think MK Vita is worth it at sale price? I mean, I know it's quite cheap at the moment, but it's more of a space thing for me - the next time I had 3 gigs free, I was going to download BlazBlue, not MK. But $5 is tempting and I -want- to play MK9, I just worry that perhaps the Vita version might not be the way to go.

    Thing the second - I just got to that boss earlier today and that was a good fight. I'm starting to learn that while it's cool to be able to slay three monks or six little...goblin things in about five seconds as a hurricane of steel, the prolonged boss battles where you can rack up your combo meter is where it's -at-.

  2. I got MK9 on Vita, and it's a fine port - the mechanics seem to be intact (speaking as one who hasn't played it on consoles - but all the reviews I've seen say it's a perfect port), but I'll admit... it's been so goddamned long since I played a Mortal Kombat (not since MKII on the SNES)that it feels really off to me. It took me like five minutes when I was in the training mode to get my first three-button combo going - I had to think back to the time I was in an arcade and saw a kid belt out a superfast combo by machine-gunning five buttons on the kiosk.

    So yeah - not for me - but if you're comfortable with MK's mechanics, it should be fine. The port looks great - though BlazBlue looks greater. MK is certainly a less-intimidating affair.

    Thing the second - I dunno, belting through five dudes and ending up with a perfect 50+ hit combo feels pretty sweet. But yeah, I love that fight too.