Thursday, July 4, 2013

CVG dates upcoming Vita indies - Stealth Inc and Spelunky this month. snapped a pic of this Sony ad in the latest issue of CVG, which puts upcoming Vita indie biggies Spelunky, Lone Survivor and Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark as July releases, with Luftrausers coming in August.

An update to the post notes that Curve Studios (on porting duty) have said Lone Survivor's date is incorrect, and will be coming in August.  Either way - Sony's indie push has certainly turned the doldrums of summer into a fine time to be a gamer.  Really looking forward to Stealth Inc, personally - but I'm probably gonna' end up with all of these.


  1. I finally took your advice and got around to riptide and I am in DEEP. They had me at tower defense, but sealed the deal with the 70 level cap and guns that show up in the first five minutes. I'm treating it as a massive expansion pack and I am back in love.

    Curious though, as to how this compares to state of decay.

  2. Zombies aside, it's a very different experience. Much slower-paced, with combat that's nowhere near as elegant. Almost survival-horrorish. State of Decay is very granular - there are a lot of little statistics affecting your survivor crews in the background (food, ammo, building and health supplies, morale et cetera), each survivor can become "friends" with one of your playable characters, and then become playable themselves, and every character levels up separately as you play them.

    It's great, in its own way.

  3. The saints row and the last of us of zombie rpgs respectively then, interesting.