Saturday, July 20, 2013

Game Diary.

Having suffered terrible wounds from the Beefalo I took down in Game 4, I quickly succumbed to the defensive viciousness of a Tallbird who caught me attempting to pilfer its egg.  My hunger meter was all but depleted - I had no choice.

In Game 5, I discovered the ability to tweak my game world.

I added more carrots, and extended the day cycle.

Don't Starve easy mode - good for a start!  I have a base camp set up on the cusp of three different biomes, with prairies to the southwest, a rich forest to the south and tons of boulders ripe of mining in the east.  I've got a fire pit, a Science Machine, an Alchemy Machine and I just finished installing two Advanced Farms.

And, finally, my beard came in.

I just realized, today, that Stealth Inc. drops in three days.  I've got to put in more Don't Starve time before the Fall Rush sweeps me away.

[update] Then some hounds showed up and ate me, but I resurrected at something called a "touchstone" I'd activated earlier.  Don't Starve, you are rich in mystery! [/update]

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