Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guacamelee! is coming to Steam! (!)

Revealed over at IGN, Guacamelee! Gold Edition contains the full game, along with the costume DLC and El Diablo's Domain for the totally-reasonable price of $14.99. If you buy it during its first week (launching August 8th), you'll also get Drinkbox's last game, Mutant Blobs Attack!!! free of charge.

Given that Guacamelee is... well, yeah, the best Metroidvania we've seen in years (and a super-fun brawler to boot), PC-only gamers should really snap this up.

Just the other day I found myself wondering when this was going to happen (Drinkbox makes sure they own all their IP).  Four months of Sony exclusivity ain't much, but it certainly got me into the game.

1 comment:

  1. Oh F**k, I forgot about that leak.

    Hey, look at that! $15 just started burning a hole in my pocket...