Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rockstar re-trademarks Agent.

Just yesterday I was musing to Kayla that Grand Theft Auto V giving PS3 the lead platform treatment may have been a late-game concession to Sony, given that we've never heard anything about Agent since Rockstar announced it on Sony's E3 stage a few years ago (rumor has it, Agent's PS3 exclusivity was in return for Sony not taking L.A. Noire dev Team Bondi to court for all the financial support they gave a game that never materialized - until Rockstar stepped in and took the reigns).

Well, today, Siliconera noticed that Rockstar has filed two new trademarks for the property - for "Agent" as it pertains to "video games, computer games, online video games, and various printed materials such as manuals and guide books," along with the game's unique logo, using the silhouette of a gun for the internal shape of the G.

We heard in 2011 that Agent was still in development - but still, all these years later, it's downright weird to have seen nothing more than a logo.

...I wonder if it'll just be a DLC pack for GTAV?

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