Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thank you, Alex!

My PC sucks.

I bought it about five years ago for around six hundred bucks.  It has a 500GB hard drive, 4GB of system RAM and no video card to speak of.  Sometimes it has trouble running YouTube videos through Chrome, so if I want to watch them in HD, at full framerate, I have to rip the vid from YouTube and watch it through a separate, lightweight video player.

Back in 2011 when I got my first-ever review code for Rochard, I downloaded that little indie game and found my system couldn't even handle the main menu - and never again did I consider running a game on it.

Back in May, when PAA: OTRSPOD Episode 3 was offered for free to advertise Episode 4's launch, I got myself a Steam account and activated the code - 'cause, y'know, free game - but I didn't even try to run it.

That could wait for some distant future, when I had a computer that could actually play games again.

The other day, friend of the blog and long-time reader Alex (he writes a bit about video games and a lot about TV and movies - check it out) insisted that if my PC could run a web browser, it could run the "gift" copy of Don't Starve he had available, so he sent me some instructions to arrange my first-ever Steam friend, and bing - gave me a copy of the game.

I didn't think it would work, but...

This is a screenshot.  Like a Print Screen-button this-is-running-on-my-computer screenshot.

Don't Starve runs on my computer!

Don't Starve!  The newest thing from Klei!  Klei, who gave us Mark of the Ninja and Shank 2!

I had zero hope of playing this game prior to its PS4 release, and I played Don't Starve tonight!

Alex - thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Just this afternoon, I called up my local EB games and told the manager he didn't have to hang on to my pre-ordered copy of Time and Eternity, because I simply don't have the money right now to buy it (I'm currently suffering a bit of a gap between paychecks, which will hopefully resolve itself at the end of the month).  I had resigned myself to not having anything new to play between now and the 23rd, when Stealth Inc appears on Vita.

To be honest - despite the uniformly horrid reviews Time and Eternity's been getting - I was looking forward to playing it, advising you of its strengths and lambasting it for its faults, because I rarely tell you a game is complete crap.  It's refreshing when I do - and for that alone, I loved the idea of playing it.

But given the choice between a JRPG that everyone agrees is crap and the newest thing from Klei?  Man, that ain't even a question.  That's just an answer - Klei.

Don't Starve will be a challenging game for me.  When I say I love Klei (and I say that a lot), I mean to say I love the last three games Klei has produced - which were all fiercely kinetic action games, with thick, snappy, visceral action.

Don't Starve is not that.  Like, at all.  The company (for reasons I do not, I'll be honest, fathom) has been moving away from the action that made their name, and are now leaning more on what made Mark of the Ninja the best game of 2012 - design.

It's a Roguelike - a genre which I have long been aware of, but never really played (unless you count Diablo or Dark/Demon's Souls, which I don't) - and a total reversal of almost everything I love about Klei's products.  I can't assure myself that I'll love it - but I can't wait to dig deeper into it, and live past day four.

...I couldn't find enough carrots, and still don't know how to cook them.  I... starved.

But one day, man.  One day I will ride the Beefalo.

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  1. Gah! didn't see that coming... you're more than welcome, dude.