Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today's PSN store update is pretty sweet.

Today's PlayStation Store Update is lengthy, populated mainly by a very long list of DLC.  Zeno Clash finally came to Sony's platform with 2, and fans will be pleased to know Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is on PS3, now ($19.99), but for me, today was about a few little things.

First off, Stealth Bastard finally lands on the Vita in the form of Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark - along with a $3.99 pack of DLC which I find distasteful, for some reason.  Still, "2D," "stealth" and "platformer" are three of my favorite words (up there with "delicious" and "floccinaucinihilipilification"), so that's already downloaded and installed.

Also, more Guacamelee!

Given that experiencing Guacamelee falls somewhere between your first taste of Häagen-Dazs vanilla and a super-hot, extended makeout session with a horny angel, more Guacamelee is an undeniably good thing and definitely worth $2.99.

Also, have you heard of Chaos Rings?  It came to Vita today.  I know, I was surprised too.

Chaos Rings is a Square Enix-published iPhone RPG from Media.Vision - the folks behind Wild Arms.  It was a massive critical hit, and actually has a 92 on Metacritic (though that's from a mere 16 reviews).

[update] Word is the Vita port is terribad. Buy at your own risk. [/update]

I've no idea why we had no inkling this was coming to Vita today, but it doesn't even appear in today's PlayStation Store Update post on the PS Blog, and searching won't find it in the Vita's store.

When in the Vita's store, tap the PlayStation Mobile button at top.  Then tap 'Games,' then scroll down 'Role-playing games (RPG)' - Chaos Rings is one of only two selections available, and it's $7.99.

I didn't pick it up, though.  Oddly enough, today I bought Nun Attack.

Like Chaos Rings, Nun Attack is a smartphone game that got ported over to the Vita, relying entirely on touch controls - though somehow it ended up in the Vita store proper, instead of getting shelved off in the PlayStation Mobile section.

It's an active-battle action-RPG in which you guide your awesome battle nuns around a little area, dragging to draw a line for movement, dragging to an enemy to have 'em shot to death, and tapping your nun of choice to activate their special abilities.

It's... actually pretty damned fun, and has lovely presentation.  Nice character design, enemy design, animation and music. $2.99!  No regrets so far!

I've had my eye on it for a long time, having heard nothing but positive things, but I'll be honest.   I'd kinda' forgotten about it 'till last night - when the game's official account became my sixth follower on Twitter, and I was like "oh fine, I'll buy it."

I'll admit, that's not a good reason to buy a game, but I (like to) think I just needed reminding.

And now, time I finally check out Stealth Inc before weariness takes possession. 

Oh - also - I watched Dredd again last night and was like "that's it, I have got to find that song from the Slomo den bust."  So I did!

Oh - also! - Persona 4 Golden is on sale for $19.99!

And Odin Sphere is just five bucks!

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