Sunday, August 18, 2013

And the most interesting thing of the day is...

...this Dragons Age video where they talk about how cool it is to pick different races again in Inquisition.

It's certainly not this one where they say the same crap they've been saying for the past five years about Dragon Age combat, but try to convince us that this time it's true.

There was a rumor earlier today that Sony was going to put out a new SKU of the Vita in Japan featuring a larger screen and a full gig of onboard memory, but that was debunked pretty quick.  Still bunked - and, let's be honest, far more interesting than that Dragon Age vid - is this list of stuff from NeoGAFfer 'crazy buttocks on a train,' who is far more accurate than his name or language would lead you to believe.  He predicts...

  • Xbox One architecture is not yet complete.
  • Microsoft is gonna' throw buckets of cash at Platinum Games for a Japan-only exclusive.  (Sidenote : Nooooo!)
  • A Kinect-less Xbox One may happen in 2014, if the launch numbers suck enough.
  • The PlayStation 4 will launch in late October.

All rumors, of course.  But interesting rumors. (Jazzy hands!)  Console wars!


  1. I must seriously be the one man on earth that loved (not enjoyed) but LOVED DA2.

    Sometimes it's like everyone played a completely different game, but that can't be true, can it?

    ...CAN IT?!

  2. With Dragon Age it can. Their PC and console versions play a bit differently in the combat department, as I recall.