Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oh my. This is happening.

Today I considered going down to the mall and picking up seasons 1 and 2 of Adventure Time on bluray.  I haven't had money in my pocket for about a quarter-year, and felt like spending some.  But then I decided I really should go down to EB and pay off my preorder on The Bureau : XCOM Declassified and maybe put a hundred bucks down on my PS4 preorder.

And really, would I even watch the Adventure Time blurays?  Probably not.  I've got Loony Tunes and Futurama and WB's Batman cartoon on DVDs or blurays, but I never watch them.  I just like to have them in my library.  I mean, I haven't felt as strongly positive about an anime/cartoon since Paranoia Agent, but money's a bit tight and maybe I shouldn't spend that fifty bucks on Adventure Time.

So I decided not to.  Which, for some reason, in my mind, freed up fifty bucks worth of spending money.

And when I went into EB, I bought this:

It comes with a soundtrack disc.  That's always nice.

It was fifty bucks.  Why would I do this, given that Dragon's Crown drops in a mere two days?

Last night, on PSN, I saw that Chamberlain was playing it.  And I was like, oh man, this has to happen.  Admittedly, I'm already feeling a bit sorry that I don't have Finn & Jake's adventures in sweet HD, but I am deeply curious about Time and Eternity, despite all the very poor reviews its received.

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