Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh no.

Oh please God, no.


  1. Not that I am defending Affleck, because I am NOT, but who could follow up Bale?

  2. Actually, Kayla and I had this exact same conversation last night, and couldn't come up with anyone. Today, though, it occurred to me - Johnny Depp.

  3. NO.


    My God, man. If that happens I will blame you.

  4. I REALLY want to make a hollywoodland joke... why can't I do anything with that? I got nothing, it's killing me.

  5. @Chamberlain are you actually saying you would prefer Afflek to Depp? And if not Depp, who? Who?

  6. I am saying that Bale was so perfect that he is going to be very difficult to replace. Dropping Captain Jack into the role is not a good idea.

    Honestly, it should be a no name like they did with Man of Steel (which I still haven't seen).

    If I need to pick someone, then I pick Viggo Mortensen.

  7. Bale?

    (Deep gravelly voice.)

    If you think Bale... (deep breath) Was the perfect Batman... (deep breath) You and I are... (deep breath) On very different wavelengths.

    I could totally see Mortensen being good in the role. I love the idea of a no-name too, but with Depp my feeling is he does great stuff, when given decent material. He's a very good, entertaining actor. Give us an actor of that caliber, and we'll have a good time.

    I've never felt Afflek was of that caliber, but I never saw Argo.

    Also, I'm thrilled to hear you're enjoying Dragon's Crown.

  8. I should note - I loved his Bruce Wayne. Did not care for his Batman.

  9. Ben Affleck's best role was as legendary Superman actor, George Reeves, in the movie Hollywoodland. The film was about a detective trying to figure out if George Reeves' death was murder or suicide, and everytime he proposed a different scenario, the film would show Ben Affleck being killed in that manner.

    I suggest repeated viewings.