Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dragon's Crown gets another mostly-cool patch.

Here's the details :

[Bug Fixes]
  • Improved gameplay stability.
[New Features]
  • Added an option to join random online games in the Labyrinth of Chaos to the Network Menu. 
  • To enhance player character visibility, a triangular cursor has been added to the bottom of the screen.
  • Wizard: Charging MP when the MP is already at maximum will cause magic power to increase.
[Feature Modifications]
  • (PS3 version only) When playing offline multiplayer games, the story progression will now be saved for all characters. 
  • If a network communication error occurs in online play, the game will now continue in the same stage rather than kicking the player back to town. 
  • Amazon: A successful Parry raises Berserk level by 1. 
  • Amazon: The Necksplitter attack can now be cancelled. 
  • Various Skill effects of all character classes have been adjusted. 
  • Other tuning and minor improvements to various gameplay elements were made.
There are a lot of changes that aren't listed here.  The big ones all are - the Wizard's overcharge is cool, the Amazon's parry giving her a Berzerk stack is fantastic, and the triangular cursor at the bottom of the screen sucks and please Tweet Atlus and tell them to get rid of it or at least give us the option of turning it off.  It's absolutely terrible - hugely distracting, and a major detraction from such a beautiful game.

Not mentioned are cool little tweaks like the Sorceress's Blizzard spell having a new, more-transparent effect so you can actually see what's going on when you cast it - and word is a lot of minor nerfs have come down on the Amazon, reducing the duration that she stays at Berzerk and (sob!) reducing the damage done by her Brandish ability on each hit.

Oh well.  It's still Dragon's Crown, and Dragon's Crown is still totally fantastic.

I really want the option to turn off the gigantic glowing cursor triangles, though.  Those things suck.

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