Sunday, September 15, 2013

Early night.

I gotta' go to bed early tonight, so I intend to recline and play some Killzone Mercenary or Dragon's Crown 'till my eyelids grow heavy.  In the mean time, I discovered the next thing from (Adventure Time's) Pendleton Ward last night, and you should totally check out Bravest Warriors, a YouTube-only series of five-minute shorts. Here's the first episode, and it's got Ward's fingerprints all up in its business.

Absolute abject zaniness and untethered creativity? Check.  Hilarious?  Check.  A cool arc that seems to be slowly building over the course of the season?  Check.

It's part of a YouTube channel called Cartoon Hangover, and was enough of a success for an additional five little Bravest Warriors even-shorter shorts, each focusing on a different character of the series - by far the best of which is the one which focuses on Catbug, an adorable and rarely-seen character voiced by a child who deserves an Emmy.

Cartoon Hangover has a few other shows, but the only other one that's really worth watching is this ten-minute one-off called Bee and Puppycat.  It's just as batshit crazy as Adventure Time, but with a very different vibe to the whole thing.

Just the other day I told Kayla I haven't allowed myself to get lost in YouTube in what feels like a year, but even I felt compelled to check out a video called Kung-Fu Cooking Girls.

It's slightly not safe for work (there's gainaxing and an areola slip) to the point that you can't see the uncut version on YouTube.  Check it out here. 

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