Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Game Diary.

Another great track from Rockstar's latest.

Like every other gamer in the world, my past week has consisted of a steady diet of Grand Theft Auto V, which I'm very pleased with.  Unlike IV or San Andreas, V doesn't make the strongest first impression.  After ten minutes with San Andreas I was prepared to call the game a masterpiece.  IV's opening was so confident and dazzling in its details that I couldn't help but be swept away despite the relatively humble beginnings of Nico - V's pleasure is a much slower burn.

Now, with about thirty hours of V under my belt, I'm confident in suggesting I love this game - more for its story than any previous Grand Theft Auto entry.  V has a strong and more thoughtfully-designed narrative, which actually enjoys nice cliffhangers and peaks and valleys that really permit it the magnum opus presence that Rockstar is going for, here.  Unlike the adventures of CJ or Niko or Claude, V feels less like a sprawling one-off than a season or two of a pleasant crime melodrama - a series, instead of a film.

Because its beats are all in service to this more focused narrative, because its heroes are less swept away in the tide of other people's desires and more driven by their own survival instinct or greed or hope or rage, the story has actually grabbed me.  I really want to know where Michael, Franklin and Trevor end up, and my Gamer Sense suggests I'm wading my way through the last third of the game, so I should find out soon.

But not tonight.  For at least the next half-hour, until it's Too Damn Late To Be Up Playing Video Games, I'm gonna' go check out Lone Survivor Director's Cut on my Vita.  Feelin' kinda' hyped for that one.


  1. Lone Survivor surprised me. It's very poignant.

  2. I spent about a half-hour with it that night, and decided to finish GTA V first. If or when the protagonist turns out to be Draco, who murdered all his friends, I will be very disappointed.