Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Japan gets a new Dragon's Crown patch.

...and given how quickly the last patch came over (the one that lets you repair all gear bags at once and find treasure just by drawing the cursor over it), chances are good we'll see this one too!  Which is great news, given that it fixes my main issue with the co-op game - the lack of progression for one party when you're just starting out with couch co-op - and it sounds like it's got a lot of rebalances.  Siliconera's got the scoop, but I'm just a no-good blogger so I'm going to repost the whole thing:
Atlus is improving Dragon’s Crown again with another patch. This one adds a few features like a triangle cursor on the bottom of the screen so other characters are more visible and an option for random players to jump into the Chaos Labyrinth in the network menu. One of the big changes is the Wizard has been rebalanced. The Wizard’s has more maximum MP and his magic power has been increased as well.

The Amazon’s neck breaker attack can be canceled and after a successful parry the Amazon’s berserk level will go up by one. That last change should make the Amazon much more effective since you can build up to level 3 berserk faster.

Another major tweak in Dragon’s Crown is you can progress through the story in offline multiplayer if you and the other characters are at the same point. If a game has an error in online multiplayer, Dragon’s Crown won’t kick players back to the town anymore you’ll end up at the start of the dungeon instead. The patch also fixes various bugs and adjusts skills. The update goes live in Japan today.
Dragon's Crown, in case you were curious, is absolutely ambrosial, and one of the finest games available on Vita.  If you don't have it, get it.


  1. looks like you'll be getting those legends levels after all. :)


  2. Cool! Thanks for the heads up.

    ...though to be honest, I don't find Legends as purely ambrosial as Origins. Murphy can screw off.