Monday, September 2, 2013

Last night, I finally tried out The Bureau : XCOM Declassified.

As soon as the squad controls became available - while I can perceive what this game is trying to do - The Bureau feels kinda' purposeless.  It could have been an action game set in the XCOM universe, but Enemy Unknown was such a stunning success that it found itself obliged to somehow make cover and squad commands a central part of its ambition.

As a strategy game, it's a might too fast-paced, and your team can quickly get wiped out when a powerful enemy re-positions without your knowledge.

As an action game, the controls feel not-quite-there, there's a ton of sway to your aiming and headshots don't feel as vital as they should - certainly not what I expected of the team that put together (the excellent)  BioShock 2.

I completed the intro, in which the world military is crippled in a single attack (there's not much in the way of a slow build, here), and completed the second mission, in which you select two members of your three-man squad (everybody's super-useful except the main character, thus far).

Then I turned on my Vita and started running dungeons on my Elf.

She's totally awesome.

[update]  Then I read Chamberlain's final word on The Bureau and decided I really don't need to put any more time in to it when I could, say, be having fun.  So consider this my first and last word on the game.

2K Marin, I am disappointed in you. Maybe I'll put more time into it one day - but I can't imagine when that day may come.[/update]