Monday, September 30, 2013

October is the best movie month of the year.

There hasn't been a single month this year at the movies that's excited me as much as October has.  Over the past year, we've seen trailers for this and that and I'd turned to Kayla in the theater and said "okay, we have to see that," and she'll nod in agreement.  Turns out half of those movies are in October.

...except where Pacific Rim was involved - she refused to believe anything positive about that movie.

First up in October is The Next Thing From The Guy Who Made Children of Men, which immediately makes it a must-see - and this one's got one helluva premise.

Gravity comes out on October 4th.

I was less than uniformly thrilled with Machete when I first saw it in theaters (though not turned off enough that I didn't pick up the bluray).  I felt it spent too much time setting up a story to support the zany trailer Rodriguez had originally put together for Grindhouse - but, in preparation for asking Kayla if she was prepared to see Machete Kills, I threw Machete into the PS3 the other day so we could watch it.

It was much better than I remember.  Then, I asked her if she'd like to see Machete Kills.

"It's actually getting made?" she asked.

"It's out a week after Gravity, I said.

October 11th.  Finally, I feel I'm pretty good about not giving a shit about tween idols and Disney stars, but - I must admit - I've really adored Chloe Moretz ever since she stole the show as Hit Girl in Kickass.  She was equally impressive in Let Me In, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her in the Carrie remake.

Kayla's not a fan of scary movies (neither am I, for the record), but we're totally gonna' go see Carrie when it comes out.

And, of course, on the 15th?  Pacific Rim comes to bluray.  Kayla can't refuse to watch it when I sweeten the deal with snuggles.  I'm mad snugglable.

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