Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Beyond : Two Souls launch trailer.

I put about ninety minutes into it today.  Weirdly enough, as it was installing, I was thinking about the low expectations I had for it - musing about how it'll probably be better, at least, than Heavy Rain. And wouldn't it be so shitty, cheesy and cliché if it started out like some crap does - where the main character is obviously in the middle of some spectacularly emotional ending sequence, looking back at their lives and trying to trace "where all this began" as a device to go back to the start of the story?

That would be such a shitty, cheesy cliché, right?

And then the game totally fucking starts exactly like that and proceeds to hammer home the concept that writer/director David Cage has absolutely no concept of how much damage over-writing does to an audience's engagement.

A small-town cop has (Ellen Page's) Jodie Holmes on a chair in front of him.  He starts the conversation by telling her "I found you out there, all alone on that road in the middle of the night."  She knows where he found her.  He knows that she knows where he found her.  That line is not for him or her, but for us, the audience.  It's called extraneous exposition, Cage, and it is the mortal foe of viewer attachment!

Get a fucking editor, Cage!

If only Quantic Dreams' games were as intelligent as they are beautiful.

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