Sunday, October 6, 2013

Personal note.

My Grand Theft Auto Online profile was one of many that magically disappeared overnight.  Some suspect this is due to Rockstar shutting down the cloud servers that host the character data - the idea is they're doing something to the servers to make them work right, and we'll get our characters back when they go back online - so don't create a new character and save it over the same slot as your first one!

...which could have been entirely avoided if the online profile was simply saved to each console, like a normal saved data - but hindsight is 20/20.  It's very disappointing, sure - but such is the nature of the online launch beast.  Rockstar showed a lot of arrogance by not having a wide-release beta prior to launch, that I will say.

Today was a very busy day (saw Gravity - it was okay with some pretty-great parts, but not as uniformly impressive as Children of Men.  Gravity was weighed down by some serious cheese.) I'm plucking away at the review for V, finally, but I am of course unhappy with it.  In a classic Rockstar-ism, it'll go up when it's done.

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