Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ten minutes of Arkham Origins Blackgate gameplay.

While I accept that the Vita is less powerful than its console counterparts, Blackgate is coming across as very bare-bones to me.  I've got it preordered and I'll have it on Friday, though, so I'm looking forward to seeing how satisfying it actually is, once in the hands.

[update] I spent about twenty minutes with Blackgate today, and while it doesn't blow my socks off, it doesn't dissatisfy.  The combat feels slightly less-than-perfect, but its heavily-directed flow does not offend.  Instead, once one emotionally plugs in to the Arkham vibe, the guided tour the game took me on felt natural, and correct.  I never felt burnt that I could only go in one direction, because each and every time I needed to move forward or interact with something, it's precisely what I wanted to do, at the time.

It feels very natural.  Time will tell. [update]


  1. Part of the problem is that it's also for 3DS and the two probably had to have some sort of parity.

    To me, it looked alright, but the general lack of energy about the video brought it way down. The narrator of the video, Batman, the non-Nolan North guards all sounded very bored which is doing the game zero favors.

    1. I actually can't recall ever seeing some 3DS footage of Blackgate - I wonder if it's an entirely different game?