Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Muramasa Rebirth DLC is on its way to North America!

I find this news doubly thrilling, perhaps, as I've been listening almost exclusively to the Muramasa soundtrack on my iPod this week.  Check out this gorgeous gameplay trailer of Okoi the Nekomata and her adorable/stylish cat combat!

After seeing it, and hearing that the (first of four) DLC will drop in Japan on November 7th, I immediately tweeted XSEED to find out when we'd be getting it too.

Oh my God.  I'm a bad gamer.

I was about to tweet Aksys and be all casual about it when Aksys tweeted this, which confirms the DLC's localization and links to this, which I'll repost in its entirety:
"Aksys Games is pleased to announce that the long anticipated “Genroku Legends” DLC for Muramasa Rebirth will be arriving in North America starting with “Fishy Tales of the Nekomata” in early 2014! Muramasa Rebirth, the highly-acclaimed PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system action RPG, utilizes PlayStation®Vita system’s OLED screen to bring the vibrant world of mythical Japan to life! With additional stories, new gameplay, special bosses, and more, “Genroku Legends” will reveal new chapters in the Muramasa Rebirth tale. 
About “Genroku Legends”

Featuring entirely new stories set in the Muramasa universe, Genroku Legends (Genroku Kaikitan in Japanese) contains four tales based on Japanese folklore. Players will be able to control four entirely new characters, each with a very different fighting style, ranging from Okoi, who uses her claws to fight, to Gonbe, the farmer with one strong hoe for a weapon! Aksys Games will be releasing all four Genroku Legends tales to the PlayStation®Network both in North America and Europe!

About “Fishy Tales of the Nekomata” – Not Your Ordinary Cat Lady

Tasked with taking a prized tea set to the shogun, Okoi and her brother set out on a journey to Edo. However, Okoi’s family’s chief retainer will stop at nothing to retake the tea set from Okoi. What once was a simple courier service mission just got a lot more dangerous!

New Weaponry – Unlike Kisuke or Momohime, who use the powerful demon blades to rain death and destruction down on their enemies, Okoi uses her razor-sharp claws as well as a myriad of special powers to claim victory in battle. And by fusing with her companion Miike (mee-ke), she can transform herself in to a truly formidable foe.

Enhance Okoi’s Abilities – As Okoi primarily uses her claws to attack her foes, the “Forging” mechanic has been replaced by a skill tree that will allow you to improve and strengthen her various abilities.

Meet New Characters and Fight New Bosses – A host of new characters, enemies, and final bosses are present in Okoi’s adventure, as well as her feline compatriot, Miike. The “Fishy Tales of the Nekomata” DLC is chock-full of new foes and evil fiends, all inspired by traditional Japanese folklore!

Go Paw-to-Toe with all of the Bosses – Once players have completed “Fishy Tales of the Nekomata,” they can take on all the boss characters in the main Muramasa Rebirth storylines! Test Okoi’s prowess against the toughest foes in the game!"
Day one!

Lately - I suppose just because I've had the soundtrack jammed into my ears - I've been debating whether or not Muramasa is better than Dragon's Crown.  Despite both being incredibly gorgeous sprite-driven action-RPGs, it's kind of an apples-and-oranges situation.

Muramasa, I feel, is more aesthetically stunning.  Dragon's Crown, though, is intensely beautiful in its own way.

Muramasa is more packed with charming little details, but Dragon's Crown has a far deeper and more satisfying combat system.

Muramasa has better music, I'm prepared to attest, and a far better narrative - but Dragon's Crown doesn't want to bog itself down with narrative, as its focus is entirely being a game that one feels the desire to play and play and play for 100+ hours.

It comes down to this, I reckon.  Muramasa is a more charming experience.  Dragon's Crown is a better game.  A better value - but, despite the amount of time I've invested in it, despite how much I love Dragon's Crown, I have an affection for Muramasa that does not die easy.

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