Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh yeah, New Fallout is definitely coming.

Here's the teaser site - ohhh let's hope it's on new-gen consoles and it's super-gorgeous and awesome.

[update] Endless says the site's a fake - so the site's probably a fake.  Let's go with a rumor tag, for now.

...oh I'll be sad if it's a fake.[/update]

[update update]
And now Kotaku's sayin' the whole thing smells fishy.  I choose hope. [/update update]


  1. I trust you, Endless, but are you sure? io9 says the site was registered by Zenimax (which owns Bethesda) - and I know a Gawker blog saying so isn't exactly hard evidence, but...

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  3. Well, there are some weird things about it, like how the trade mark wasn't registered in North America which zenimax has never done apparently.

    But my avatar cannot tell a lie: I WANT TO BELIEVE.