Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Starlight Inception comes to Vita this December.

It's officially official!

Last we'd heard of it, the game was on track for a November "at the latest" release date.  Last night I checked out their Kickstarter updates, and they mentioned something about an open beta on PS Vita - and it's actually happened!

There's been a private PC beta for Kickstarter backers for a while now, then a private beta for Vita.  The public Beta (for Vita) went up last Tuesday, and my habit of checking the PS Store update listing every week did me no favors as Sony didn't even bother to list it.

The Beta consists of the game's first level, which will let you check out the controls, your first ship and shoot down some baddies. (I'm desperately trying to download it at the moment, but since trying out Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate I've been infected with a nasty condition that makes me not want to touch the device, and its battery died while I've been away - workin' on it!)

There's a nice big post over at the PlayStation Blog detailing Inception and giving a breakdown - most notably that the game "was designed to allow flight from space down to planetary/lunar environments with seamless transitions."  It also points out that the game's single-player campaign consists of only ten missions, which I hope will be beefy, hours-long affairs, a "tower defence" campaign and multiplayer.

They're being cagey on the price in the blog post and comments, but, last I heard, it was gonna' be $15.

A spiritual successor to TIE Fighter.  On my Vita.  Eee!

Oh, and speaking of the PlayStation Blog, they've also got some nice posts up today about Dustforce's (!) release on PS3 and Vita early next year, and something called Castlestorm which I'd never heard of, but looks moderately cool.

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