Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A buncha' little things.

First of all, the holiday sale on PSN just keeps on truckin'.  If you're a PS+ member, you can grab Guacamelee - a fantastic, beautiful brawler/platformer/metroidvania and the best PSN game of 2013 - for $3.75 (cross-buy!).   Non-PS+ subscribers can snag it for $7.50 - but for the record, it's easily worth full price.  Absolutely buy it, if you haven't already.

Far Cry 3's digital version is down to $17.99 for Plus members, and Limbo (cross-buy) is $3.75 as well.

Second, Tecmo Koei is actually making a licensed Zelda spin-off game in the template of Dynasty Warriors.  What the F.

Second, space princess Rosalina is joining the cast of Smash Bros for its next iteration, which I find cool for some reason. Perhaps I like her moves in the game (I do), perhaps it's because she's the prettiest princess (she is).

Disney is making a free-to-play multiplayer starfighter game with their newly-acquired Star Wars license - Star Wars : Attack Squadrons.  Terribly inspired name.

We all look forward to not looking forward to it (while secretly hoping it turns out to be awesome).

I came home last night, turned on my PS3 and went straight to the store to discover... naturally, we don't have a season pass for The Walking Dead Season 2 up yet.  So I can't play the first episode.

So I'm sad about that.  But on the bright side, after writing about it the other day I've gotten back into Guacamelee, so that's tons of fun (again and still).

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