Thursday, December 5, 2013

Four things.

Thing the First : Nexus is probably coming to Vita.
Yet more rumors surfaced today of Ratchet & Clank : Into the Nexus getting a Vita port, as it's been rated by PEGI (the European video games rating board) and its equivalent in Brasil.  Here's hopin'!

Thing the Second : Speaking of Vita?  Man, I love my Vita. 
Stick It To The Man has been out for a bit on PS3 - I bought it, then - but I waited until it arrived on Vita this week before playing it.  It makes me want to give it a shot on the PS3, 'cause the touch controls are super-handy on Vita for selecting which character's thoughts you want to listen to - and you want to listen to every character's thoughts, 'cause they're almost always pretty darned funny.  For example:
"I can't walk into the light or anywhere else, for that matter.  Someone either needs to find me some legs or someone needs to kill a wheelchair and send its ghost over my way."
-the ghost of a woman whose failed-magician husband cut off her legs during a magic trick gone wrong.
I went on a bit of Vita-spree this past week, picking up Ys: Memories of Celceta (not bad, so far), Spelunky (not enough time to judge) and Malicious Rebirth, which I've been wanting to try for literally years and still haven't put any time in to.

Long gone are the complaints that the Vita was an excellent piece of kit that needed more games.  The Vita is now an excellent piece of kit with a lot of fantastic games, and far too many to actually play.  My Vita's backlog exceeds my PS3's, lately.

...which reminds me...

Thing the Third : What the heck am I gonna' do about XCOM?
XCOM: Enemy Within was tasted, but not played.  I think I completed a single mission before the PS4 showed up and got me all distracted.  It's now December.  It's definitely December, and the wheels should be in motion for any Game of the Year consideration - which Enemy Within would almost-definitely be party to, were I to play a campaign to completion.

The thing is, I'm so sure Enemy Within is awesome I don't feel a pressing need to play it to prove to myself that it's awesome.  It's awesome.  I know it is.  Stick It To The Man and Contrast and Battlefield 4 and Celceta?  Those are wild cards, man.  I'm not sure what to say about any of those - except maybe that Stick It To The Man is really creative and weird and funny, Contrast feels pretty loose and last-gen and Battlefield 4 keeps fucking crashing on me.

...I really should play XCOM.

Thing the Fourth : This new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer shows a lot

Is that Jamie Foxx as Electro?  (Looks it up.)  That's Jamie Foxx as Electro. Still... kinda' feels like a wait-for-DVD movie, doesn't it?

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  1. Yes. Yes you should be playing xcom!

    My advice (after feverishly running through classic for the first time) is to focus on the mechs. Punching mutons and ethereals never gets old.

    The soldier upgrades are only really useful for making almost permanently invisible snipers and forcing them to wear disappointing wife-beater armor.

    You're right though, you're gonna love it.