Monday, December 16, 2013

Y'know what, EA? You're losin' me.

So check out this crap.  In a nutshell, EA are holding little competitions for teams of aspiring game or app designers to see who can come up with the awesomest thing in 14 hours.  The winning team gets a trip to the EA studio of their choice (airfare and hotel paid for by EA).  The catch?  Any awesome thing you come up with and submit for the contest becomes EA's property, to use however they want, forever, and no - you don't get paid a dime if you come up with the Next Big Thing.

Y'know what, EA..?  You were doing well.  You kicked off this generation with cool, inspired, original stuff like Dead Space, Mirror's Edge and Brutal Legend.  I loved you four years ago.  Do you hear me?  I loved you.

What've you done this year?  Let's break it down, shall we?  Let's just look at EA in 2013.

  • You released Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel - your bro-rah co-op shooter.  Which sucked
  • You released Fuse, from the creative minds at Insomniac, which was initially shown as a cheeky, fun, colorful co-op shooter - but under your umbrella it had somehow become one of the most bland, boring things to come out all year.
  • Not content with a mere two formulaic co-op shooters, you got your suits to shove their execu-fists up the ass of one of your only cool, inspired, original properties, and turned Dead Space 3 into Gears of War, Too - effectively killing everything special and unique about the series. 
  • You launched the reboot of Sim City with a needless always-online DRM built in, which rendered almost everyone who paid for your game unable to play it, in a launch most refer to as "catastrophic." 
  • Still dissatisfied after squandering the goodwill of two major and beloved properties, you released Battlefield 4 as a gorgeous, bug-riddled walking corpse - a game so unfinished that its campaign regularly crashes, and players are still trying (unsuccessfully) to play online, nearly a month after its launch. 

The best thing you've done all year is Need for Speed Rivals.  That's it, man.  A racing game.  A great racing game - that's the biggest favor you did for gaming in 2013.  You're Electronic Arts.  I expected more of you.  You should expect more of yourself.  

You were doing so well.  You were taking risks.  You were publishing cool, small developers with original ideas.  And today?  With the crap you've pulled on some of the most beloved franchises in gaming in 2013, and this Code Wars thing... 

You were doing so well, but now? 

Now I fear for the next beautiful, original thing to find itself under your boot. 

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