Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Muramasa Rebirth DLC trailer - Uprising of the Oone Resistance!

[update] The localization was renamed A Cause to Daikon For.  I think I prefer the original. [/update]

New enemies, new bosses, new weapons, fight with a small team of bumpkins using hoes, hand scythes and sharpened bamboo (peasants were not permitted to own or use weapons in Genroku-era Japan).  I love that when he dies that ghost shoves him back into his body.  In fact, a lot about that ghost is pretty cool (she seems to be all of his special moves) - can't wait to find out the story, here. 

The Nekomata DLC should hit North America soon!  Eee!


  1. It boogles my mind that a game initially released in 2008 is getting DLC. From 1:46 on, I was getting a distinct Valkyria Chronicles vibe from that trailer.