Thursday, January 30, 2014

PS+ in February is awesome. Again.

The PS4 gets Outlast, one of the most interesting games headed for the system - a first-person survival horror title.  It's like every game that ends up on PS+ for PS4 is a game I would have happily bought anyway.

Honestly.  I feel a bit douchey about getting Don't Starve for free.

Moving along, the PS3 gets some awesome stuff from last year - Metro: Last Light is wonderful right up until the Big Momma fight stops the game dead - and I'm pretty sure I already own it digitally, so that's no big whoop.  Payday 2 got nothing but positive press, and while I'll be the first to tell you that Remember Me's gameplay is sorely lacking, it's still absolutely worth experiencing - and the price is right!

A few meh titles round out the Vita's lineup - I don't think I've ever heard anyone say something good about Modnation Racers - its Metascore is like 62.  Street Fighter X Tekken looks a lot better, with a Metascore of 79 - but I ain't much in to fighters.

Fortunately, my Vita already way too full of awesome stuff - I am still playing Dragon's Crown, for the record - so that doesn't sting all that much.  Plus, Dustforce is comin'!

Seriously.  If you have a Sony console and you don't have PlayStation Plus, you're doing it wrong.

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