Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIII demo.

God help me, I liked it.

One thing that was a bit surprising - I recall Final Fantasy XIII being insanely good-looking.  Lightning Returns is not.  Not outside of battle, anyway (during battles, it's gorgeous again).  The pre-rendered cutscenes are gorgeous, but the environments I was piloting Lightning through were weirdly low on detail for a Final Fantasy game.

That said, I can already skry where they're headed with the "Schema" system - a bit of an evolution of a similar idea in FFXIII - that permits the player to customize a crap-ton of different "job" types for Lightning, equipping up to three at a time.  The combat system necessitates swapping between your three jobs constantly in order to maximize damage output.

Start off in the Red Mage Schema to debuff your opponent and ready them for a stagger with a well-chosen spell.  Switch to Savior garb to call down some lightning strikes and weaken them, and finally swap into Dragoon to lay some stun-heavy smackdown to really rock their world.  As you use abilities in each form, its Action Points gauge drains - but each Schema has its own gauge, which recharges when you're not using it.

As you swap back to Savior, your Dragoon Schema's AP gauge is ticking back up, and will be ready when you need to swap back to it if you see a big attack coming and want to counter it instead of merely blocking.

I can dig it.

[update] ...and just now they've thrown up a combat system trailer.  Timely!


Also, Olli Olli is pretty damned good.  I'm not certain that it's thirteen bucks good, but it's pretty damned good.


  1. I suspect the reason Lightning Returns doesn't look as good is because Square Enix is finally running out of assets created for the original Final Fantasy XIII

  2. And they're working under an understanding that sales for the series have steadily decreased since XIII launched.

  3. Final Fantasy XIII-2 looked a lot worse than XIII proper. I'm assuming a lot of the reason for that, and for LR, is that they spent a hell of a lot longer tweaking XIII's graphics than 2 or LR because 2 and LR weren't in development for like six years.